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Child Sexual Abuse On Trial – Jerry Sandusky, Part 2

By now you probably know that Jerry Sandusky has been convicted of 45 of the 48 counts he was charged with. I wrote the following post before we knew the verdict, but I think the points still hold true. More than anything, it highlights the need for awareness about how people talk about sexual abuse. Are people honest or do they make excuses to avoid responsibility?

If you saw my last post, you know that I'm sharing my thoughts about the
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Child Sexual Molestation On Trial – Jerry Sandusky, Part 1

It's hard to flip through the channels or catch a radio news break without hearing about the Jerry Sandusky trial. Accusations of
child sexual molestation have been either supported by the prosecution's victim testimonies or challenged by the defense's
character witnesses.

I understand that Mr. Sandusky is presumed innocent until proven guilty and I support the laws that protect the legal process. However, I do have some strong impressions about this and find some elements of the defense's approach disturbing.
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Summertime at Home – Organization And Family Connection

Does summer vacation give you a smile or make you cringe? Depending on your life situation, summer may be a welcome break from the usual schedule or it may complicate things. No matter what you're facing, summer is a different animal than the typical school year. Even when your child has regular activities planned, the adjustment can be tough for everyone.

Try some of the following methods to bring some focus and sanity to your summer break.

Maintain Regular Meals Together

Do you share regular family mealtime? It's not new advice, but it's still worth following. Mealtime is a chance to catch up on what your kids are doing, who they're spending time with, and other things that matter to the entire family.
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