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Maybe It’s Not ADHD: Part 2

If you missed the first post in this series, check back to Maybe It's Not ADHD. You'll find two situations that can appear similar to ADHD but may be a completely different problem.

Your Child Has Significant Anxiety

Anxiety and ADHD can look similar at a quick glance - distraction, lack of focus, forgetfulness and increased motor activity. One particularly important reason for getting the diagnosis correct is to ensure that your child is not given the wrong medication at some point.

ADHD medication is usually a stimulant, and a child with anxiety may feel even worse depending on how their body reacts to this medication. Not only do they have the wrong medication in their body, they may also still need something to calm their physical symptoms. And in all likelihood, the things that are making them anxious aren't being addressed.
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Maybe It’s Not ADHD

Do you have a kid that seems to bounce off the walls, is easily distracted, and seems to forget anything and everything? You might immediately think of ADHD when you hear this description. The term is tossed around quite casually these days and it's been used to explain behavior problems for years now.

However, things are not always as they seem. It's easy to make a quick conclusion without looking any deeper. Even if you treat the symptoms, you may not be addressing the correct problem. Before you see a doctor or counselor about a diagnosis as specific as ADHD, consider the following possibilities.
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Time Magazine – Why Do Moms Have To Be At War?

By now I imagine you've seen or heard about the controversial cover of Time Magazine, about the breastfeeding mom, Jamie Lynne Grumet, and her son, Aram. I know I don't often post strong opinions on this blog, but it seems to be disingenuous to make this a soft-pitch post.

First, this article is supposed to be about how "we all need to be encouraging each other" about parenting (according to Jamie Lynned Grumet in this interview here). However, you're introduced to this warm supportive message with a clearly sensationalized photo representing a rather small sector of moms who do extended breastfeeding.

Let me be very clear that I am not criticizing extended breastfeeding. I breastfed and I'm happy to see the growing acceptance of this as a choice that moms make. If a mom is loving her kid and doing the best she can to guide their life in a good direction, each mom's choice is her personal choice to make. End of story. This isn't a corporate ladder we're climbing here.

The problem comes with the way this photo is used to make breastfeeding look odd - on purpose. This particular pose with the mother and child doesn't paint breastfeeding as nurturing or intimate, but as something weird that's thrown in your face. And how about all the moms who have tried to breastfeed but couldn't for whatever reason? What are they supposed to think?
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