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Family Dynamics Passed Through The Generations

Have you ever taken a close look at your family history? I've just gone through a family biography project with one with one of my daughters and may do another this summer.  And in a way, many of us are reminded of family history during family events and holiday gatherings.

Why am I always the last to know? He looks more like his dad every day.  How will we do Christmas now that Grandma's gone?

You don't have to do a big project on family history to know its impact.  And yes, for those of you saying you don't have much to do with your family, lack of involvement counts just as much.

Here's the key point - family dynamics can be passed down just like eye color and height.  The way you and your family acted as a unit can have a lasting effect on you and younger generations.
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Postpartum Depression – What Moms Really Want

Postpartum depression can rob the life out of a mother without her understanding what's happening.  It comes when mothers are most vulnerable. No mother should have to go through this hell, especially when she has a brand new life depending on her.

If I could just "fix" it, I would.  I'd snap my fingers and send depression on its way, leaving no trace of shame or despair behind.  Unfortunately, it often takes some real discomfort (and some time) to really put a finger on the problem.

Moms don't want to believe things are really that bad.  They don't want to be seen as bad mothers or as someone who'd be a danger to their baby.  Family members don't always know what's going on or how (or even if) they should try to help.

With the right help, a mom with postpartum depression can get better.  It may take a while before they feel like they can function and feel resilient, but it can happen.  Until then, these women often feel like they're wandering in the wilderness of their mind.
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Bullying And Discipline – The Second Kid Sometimes Gets The Penalty Flag

For those of you who follow sports a bit, you know it's usually the second person who lashes out in a fight that tends to get the penalty flag.  Doesn't seem to matter much how it starts, the second person more often gets the short end of the deal.

It can seem this way with bullying, too.  What do you do if you learn that a bully is tormenting your child and nobody else seems to be stopping it?  Many parents would advocate for their child standing up for themselves, even fighting back in some way.

It doesn't always happen, but sometimes it's that second kid - the one who stood up for themselves - who finds themselves in trouble.
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