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More Tips For Bullying Between Siblings

I've noticed that one of the more popular posts here is about bullying between siblings.  The list of comments continues to grow.  I see stories of exasperated parents, frustrated and hurt siblings (of all ages), concerned relatives, current problems, past problems, etc.  Some have passed on insight while others are looking for answers.
Today I wanted to add to that sharing experience with a few extra tips.  I found an article on this website, Public Safety Canada, with some good suggestions for many people involved in a bullying situation.  When you click through, I hope you find what applies best to your situation.  It's one long list, so keep scrolling through the entire page.

Here it is again - Public Safety Canada - First Steps to Stop Bullying

Keep in mind that bullying has these four elements (quoted from the site):
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Making Tough Decisions At The Holidays – No Bullying

Hello, readers.  It's that time of year - holiday songs, decorations, presents, shopping, baking, and so on.  But for some people, the holidays bring a lot more discomfort than joy.  Family time is filled with chaos, hurt feelings, humiliation, torment, and sadness.  Not at all the kind of thing you want to volunteer for on a regular basis.
I've noticed a few comment "conversations" that have gone back and forth among some of the readers here, especially on some of the depression posts and the bullying posts.  It's unfortunate, but those are popular right now on this blog.  Many people are hurting at a time when society tells us we should all put on a smiley face and love everything.

But here's the truth - unchecked bullying and abuse can persist into adulthood.  And when families gather, the simultaneous favoritism and ignorance shows under the spotlight.  People who have always been the target often feel shunned or blamed.  They see the same things going on now that went on during their childhood.  Their sibling/parent/step-parent abuses or bullies them and nobody does a thing about it.  The bully/abuser gets off the hook with every excuse and explanation, and the target is a whiner that can't ever do enough right. Each person's story is a little different, but one theme is clear.  It's the same-old same-old, and it still hurts.
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