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Sibling Bully Resources

Greetings, readers. I hope you are surviving the heatwave this week.

I owe one of my readers a post today.  Tom asked several weeks ago about more resources on sibling bullying. He commented on my bullying between siblings post and wanted more information.

I apologize for the delay, but I did find some interesting information. Sibling bullying can easily be mistaken for sibling rivalry, so it probably happens more often than people suspect. Take a close look at each of these resources and make sure you know what's going on in your family.
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The Midsummer Doldrums

School has been out a while.  Memorial Day has come and gone.  The 4th of July is over.  Many kids (including mine) still have several weeks before school is in session again.  Plus, it's just hot, hot, hot outside - that seems to sap our energy sometimes.  We're having a case of the summer doldrums.

So, what do you do about it the letdown?  I know that some of you may have plenty of things scheduled and may not need help in this area.  But even when you have a break in the action, it's easy for boredom to set in.  Take a look at what we're going to be doing and add your own suggestions at the bottom.

Rejuvenate Our 4H Projects

We have about a month left before our county fair and it's time to really get some traction on our projects.  Here's something I learned from an unfortunate paperwork issue I had last summer.  You can enter just about anything under Open Class, even at the last minute.  So don't worry that your kids aren't officially in 4H this year.
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