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Being a Strong Parent Means Getting Support

Yesterday, I got some news from a doctor that I wasn't expecting.  I was expecting to hear about a more moderate problem, and it turns out the problem is actually worse than I had anticipated.  We have a solution, but the news was quite disheartening.

How do I stay strong?  That's the persistent question.

I know that many of you parents have had to deal with unexpected health problems, financial strain, and other things.  Even if you have made it through without anything minor, you may have something in the future that will floor you.
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How To Make Your Parenting More Effective Right Now #4

Hello, everyone.  Hope you enjoyed your Valentine's Day earlier in the week.  I have a confession to make.  This parenting tip is not a quick method you can try the next time you are with your kids.  But once you take a few preparation steps, you WILL have tools to use at a moment's notice.

Create A Parenting Plan

This may sound overwhelming at first, but it's just a few simple steps.  First, you need to create just a few basic rules you want your kids to follow.  To keep it easy, make one rule about the following three areas: safety in the home, respect, and following parental directions.
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How To Make Your Parenting More Effective Right Now #3

You've seen two helpful ways to make your parenting more effective in a short period of time - knowing that you are in control and knowing how to let go of your kids' responsibilities.  And I'm about to show you yet another quick strategy.  This time, it's about a tool you use and have with you all the time - your voice.

Your Voice Is A Powerful Parenting Tool

Your voice can convey so many things to your kids.  Your tone, volume, speed, volume, and minor inflections can give words a lot of depth and meaning.  Many parents tend to raise their voice when they get frustrated.  It's very common - I do it too - but it doesn't always give the result you want.
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