Exercise and Depression

Hello, readers.  Yesterday, you’ll recall I had some trouble falling asleep and had kind of a rough day.  Here’s the rest of the story.

Exercise Yielded Surprising Benefit

I had planned on doing a short exercise routine yesterday before I had my bad night of sleep.  Then when I felt so tired during the day, I was hesitant to do it.  But I went ahead and did it because I needed a break and I had promised myself I would stick with my plan.

After only a twenty minute routine of Pilates and about five minutes of yoga, I noticed a couple important things.  My mood steadily improved and ironically, I was less tired.  After doing strenuous exercise, I was actually more energized than before!  I was truly surprised and have decided this is worth remembering.

I know that when I exercise, I always sleep better later that night.  But I had no idea it could actually reverse the effects of sleep deprivation.  It literally saved the rest of my day.  I was pleasant when my husband came home, I joked with my kids, and I have had a much more productive evening than I had expected.  By mid-evening, I was plenty tired again, so the effect doesn’t last forever.  But I finally made it to bedtime with my day not totally ruined.

Depression Management Helps Your Whole Family

This discovery is very important since I’m married and have kids.  It’s not just about me, it’s about how my mood affects everyone else’s experience at home.  If you’ve experienced depression and you live with your family, it’s vital for you to have some effective ways to managing your depression issues (the obvious sadness and the flip-side of irritability) when they pop up.

Since I’ve also experienced PMDD, I’m inclined to be more conscious about doing exercise during that important week before my cycle.  I already pay more attention to my sleep, so I’m optimistic about the effect exercise could have.

Take care of yourselves, folks.  You only have one life out there to live, and you need to know how to navigate through the bumps of depression and difficult moods.

Tell me readers, what effective methods have you discovered for managing difficult moods, depression flare-ups, or even anxiety?

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