As a parent of elementary-aged kids, I’m often inundated with drifts of papers and notes from school each day.  While the kids love sharing their stuff with me, it’s sometimes a little overwhelming.  We aren’t especially consistent with reviewing them, but we’re trying.

Getting The Big Picture Of What Your Kids Learn

Something I feel is more important is pointing out the fruits of their labor in a more long-term way.  In addition to school work, my girls have been in music and dance classes, and they’re doing 4-H projects this summer.  That’s a lot of learning to keep track of – no surprise I feel overwhelmed!  Too many details for me – I am much more of a big picture person.

I’ve been trying more to help them see progress when they’ve had a struggle or challenge.  Help them see their process from beginning to end, help them develop a sense of appreciation for where they have come from:  What differences are you noticing with your ballet after doing the practice DVD this week?  You’ve been working on this math speed goal for a month, and now you are only a few answers away from getting to the next level – what makes that easier for you now?  So you want to write a story about horses and you have the beginning and end – what are your ideas for how the story goes in the middle?

Finding Your Own Way To Track Learning Progress

These are a few real-life excerpts from my kid’s activities and school work.  I really wish I were better at seeing every single paper every day, but I think the volume of it just turns off my brain and I put up a wall.  Anyone else out there feel that way?

My solution is to focus on the big picture as often as I can.

Parents, how do you track your kids’ progress and learning process with them?  Are you better at going over the details or do you work better with the big picture?

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