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The Gift Of Courage Comes From Facing Fear

Hello, readers.  This post is about those hardest moments in your life and your kids' lives, the moments you hope to avoid but often can't.  Your child faces immense disappointment, has to endure something difficult, or has to learn how to cope with strong yucky emotions.  They all have them, and it's up to us as parents to teach them how to get through them.  I know I've written about this topic before, but it's a little more personal today.
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Happy Father's Day

Today is the official "celebrate your dad" day.  Hopefully, the dads in your life already know how much you appreciate them besides just the third Sunday in June.

Dads do so much for their kids over their whole lifetimes.  A lot of times, they don't share the same kind of limelight that moms get when it comes to parenting.  Dads do some very important, unique things for both boys and girls.

Wonder how a dad's influence is different for boys and girls?  Here's a quick list of the differences.

For Boys:

Doing guy stuff together: Boys need someone to teach them how to become a man.  Male role models are good for boys to have, but the most important one is their dad.  These mentoring moments form the foundation of a boy's identity.
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Keeping Up Discipline In The Summer

Summer can be a tricky time for discipline in your home.  The sun is up so much later, school is out, activities and lazy days fill the family schedule.  Kids ears tend to be turned way down to parents' directions.  Maybe when you have a looser schedule, a really tight set of rules doesn't seem appropriate; but you don't need to be a doormat by July either.

I know my kids can do a pretty decent job of keeping themselves busy when they are really into something.  But other times they struggle with boredom and bickering takes over.  Getting the bedtime routine back in order has been a big chore as well.

Sensing that I was getting run over in my own home, I've made a much stronger point of telling them to follow directions without me repeating myself ten times.

When I give them consequences consistently for not paying attention, things seem to tighten up in fairly short order.
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Know Your Premenstrual Symptoms Well

You would think that after years of dealing with a hormonal cycle that I'd learn a thing or two!  Sometimes, premenstrual symptoms can still sneak up on you.  The trick is to realize them and evaluate whether it is typical PMS or something more - premenstrual dysphoric disorder.

What Is Normal For Your Premenstrual Symptoms?

Just recently I've been paying more attention to my sleep during my premenstrual time.  Even if I am more aware of my emotional stability (or instability), I always still seem somewhat agitated.  It doesn't help that thoughts and images tend to whirl in my mind more actively at that time either.  I always just thought that if I kept myself calm, I'd have less trouble sleeping.

Turns out that no matter how calm or upset I am, I simply don't fall  or stay asleep easily the week before my period starts.  That's it, end of story.  What's the importance of knowing this?
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Family Mental Health Around The Web #12

My recent post on family addiction issues has prompted me to check for online resources about the family violence.  I was pleased to find several websites to share.  These were all found with just a search for "family violence resources" if you would like to explore further on your own.

Office for Victims of Crime

In the age of computers, you can't be too careful when it comes to violence in your home.  An abuser is likely to find all sorts of ways to keep tabs on everyone, including online searches.  The
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