About Claire Dorotik-Nana, LMFT

Website: http://www.leverageadversity.net


Claire Dorotik-Nana LMFT is a licensed marriage and family therapist specializing in post-traumatic growth, leveraging adversity, and other epic human achievements. Claire has written several continuing education courses for International Sports Science Association, Zur Institute, and Personal Trainer Central on topics such as client centered therapy, motivation, coaching, substance abuse and prevention, child obesity and post traumatic growth. Claire’s three books include ON THE BACK OF A HORSE: Harnessing The Healing Power of The Human-Equine Bond; ALL KIDS ARE BORN THIN: A Parent’s Guide To Understanding and Preventing Childhood Obesity, and NO SECRET SO CLOSE, all of which are available at Amazon.
For more information about Leveraging Adversity or Claire, visit www.leverageadversity.net, or visit her Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/leverageadversity