equine therapyToday it is not surprising that online education is becoming more frequently the common medium of information dissemination. For just about every topic, it seems as though there is a webinar or teleseminar that one can register for easily, and attend from the comfort of one’s couch.

It’s a bit surprising that something as experiential as equine therapy can be taught via the internet, yet it is most certainly true.

So just what is taught through these webinars? Everything from discussions about the ethical treatment of horses in equine assisted therapy, to the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association’s (NARHA) approach to treating autism, and grant application process for attempting to secure funding for equine therapy research.

The Horses and Humans Research Foundation even has a list of webinars they produce on a regular basis. Here is the link:


The Horses Helping People Foundation also has several webinars listed on their site which can serve as a wonderful resource either for practicing equine therapists, or people who are just interested in learning more about equine therapy. Here is their link:


In addition to the two organizations listed above, NARHA also regularly hosts webinars which are typically targeted more toward learning about developmental disabilities and how they may be assisted through equine therapy. Here is the link:


Now, through the help of technology, those who might otherwise be intimidated by a 1200 pound horse, can still learn about equine therapy, and the wonderful benefits it offers. And with a little luck, this may just inspire them to don a pair of cowboy boots and attempt a little of their own work with a horse!

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