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We can now leave naloxone out of the …

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A Lesson in Side Effects Using Buprenorphine

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  1. Thank you so much for all the information you’re giving on Suboxone and its simpler predecessor Buprenorphine! Here in Texas I have had a very difficult time finding good Drs to work with our very depressed son, who has now been clean from IV heroin use for 14 months, but is now wanting to get free of daily Methadone. He never stayed on Suboxone long enough (or for some other reason )& would relapse, but has had good success with Methadone. I wish we lived in WI…. do you know of any like-minded/trained Psychiatrists in Texas?

  2. Wow!!! That is a lot to take in, but very informational. I hope for the best with my journey to recovery.

  3. I like the suboxone films better. The other stuff doesn’t work for me at all.

  4. I just found your blog after googling ‘suboxone and sleep apnea’. I appreciate how dedicated you seem to be in truly educating patients about Suboxone therapy. I have been on Suboxone for just about 3 years now and while it has saved me from myself in some ways, my feeling now is that I am using it mostly to feel something different than what i was feeling. It alters my moods, gives me energy, or makes me more sleepy. The problem is that I never really know what effect I am going to get with each dose. Nearly every time I take a dose, I have a different reaction than before. Sometimes I take a dose and almost immediately begin to nod off. Other times I take a dose and have a surge of energy and some euphoria. And even other times I take it and feel no difference at all. Sometimes I even begin yawning and having watery eyes – in essence I begin to feel the first wave of opioid withdrawal symptoms!! I have no idea why this is all happening. I also believe that Suboxone is contributing to severe lower leg edema I am experiencing as well as contributing to my sleep apnea/almost narcoleptic sleeping patterns. Recently I have begun sleep walking and sleep eating like crazy. My prescriber doesnt have anything to say to me when I go in for appointments. He gives me a drug test, counts my wrappers, gives me a script and sends me on my way every month. I have tried to talk with him about how the subs are affecting me and he says No – Suboxone has nothing to do with that and walks away to go print my prescription. Point being that I would greatoy appreciate any help you would be willing to offer via email. You have no idea how grateful I would be if you could maybe just address these problems i mentioned in an email. I understand you are probably insanely busy and time is money soaybe you are no longer exchanging emails with folks from here but I was very excited about possibly being able to exchange a couple of emails RE: My current problems with suboxone. Thank you again for your great blog!

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