Making Sense of Those Pesky Life Transitions

By Lynn A. Robinson, M.Ed • 1 min read

bayOne of my favorite books of all times is “Transitions: Making Sense of Life’s Changes” by Wiliam Bridges. He wrote it over 25 years ago. It’s been revised and re-released several times this then. It’s truly a classic! Here’s a quote from the book that I especially like:

“Between letting go (of the old) and successfully launching the new there is a time of confusion and emptiness.  People often feel lost during this time, and too often they interpret that lostness as yet another sign that something is wrong.  It is simply a sign that they have entered the fertile chaos of the neutral zone.”

I don’t know too many people who love to go through a life transition. About 90% of the calls I receive for intuitive readings are from people who are contemplating a career change, beginning or ending a relationship, or are coping with a tangible or intangible loss of some kind in their life. I frequently hear people telling me that they’re “stuck” or “in a rut” and yet most are in that limbo state called transition.

It often feels like being lost in the woods. There seem to be no obvious markers that say, “this way to safety.” If you look up the word “transition” in the dictionary, you’ll see definitions like “passing from one to another,” “transformation,” a “passage,” “major change,” “shift” and “development.”  Even though you may feel stuck, these are words that indicate movement and change.  Sometimes it seems there is no apparent progress towards your hopes and dreams. You feel scared that you’re falling apart and might be in this “no place” forever. You may feel stuck and yet often it’s that uncomfortable shift from one place in your life to the next where the most growth occurs.

When I’m in this transition zone and fear that nothing is happening, I find comfort in the example of tulips. You plant them in the fall and they come up in the spring.  In the intervening months, there appears to be nothing going on.  You wouldn’t think of digging them up in the middle of winter and yelling at them that they’re “stuck” and admonishing them to  “grow faster!” They are doing exactly what they need to do. And when all the circumstances needed for their flowering are in the right place, they appear and bloom.  The same is true for your transitions. The wisdom that guides the flowers guides your life as well.

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Let Your Intuition Guide You to an Exciting Life

By Lynn A. Robinson, M.Ed • 2 min read

pinch“Jerry” was a client I gave an intuitive reading to a few months ago. He had called because he was trying to figure out what kind of work he could do that would be exciting and profitable for him. At first he recited a litany of complaints about his current life and career.

  • His boss and co-workers didn’t appreciate him.
  • It was difficult for him to get to work at the required time.
  • He was bored with his work.
  • Someone else got the promotion he felt should have gone to him.

I have to confess that by the end of a few minutes I began to feel exhausted. So I stopped Jerry at that point. I spoke to him about my belief that when you’re consistently tired, drained, bored or anxious, these are clues from your intuition that something needs to be changed. It may be an attitude shift or an all out change in circumstances.

When a client has a consultation with me, I often view their energy level. I sense through my inner guidance whether they are in or out of the Divine flow of life force.  When you do things that give you energy — taking care of yourself, having fun, doing work you love — the Divine current of life courses through you and around you and you feel up and motivated.  When you do things that drain you — experiencing constant feelings of worry, bitterness, anger or resentment — you pinch yourself off from the flow.  This results in low energy and exhaustion.

Jerry was so deeply entrenched in feelings of overwhelm and a perception that he was a victim of the situations he described, he couldn’t easily identify what gave him energy.

I laid out a “Five-Step Intuition Exercise” to show him how to check in with his own inner wisdom and come up with a plan of action for himself. Here’s an example from Jerry’s reading to assist you in coming up with your own plan.

What drains your energy?: I feel like I don’t fit in with this company. I don’t really like the job I’ve been doing, and the company culture has changed in a way that seems to be negatively impacting me.

What do you want?:  I’d love to find a place to use my graphic design skills in a more creative company. I want to have fun, upbeat people around me. And I’d like a more flexible schedule.

Consult your inner guidance:  I asked Jerry to close his eyes and take several deep breaths. And when he felt centered, to simply ask himself, “What’s my right next step?” He was to pay attention to any thoughts, feelings, inner voice or impressions he received.

Results: During the brief meditation, Jerry came to realize that things would probably not improve greatly at his current company. Understanding this gave him the impetus he needed to begin looking for new work.

Action steps: Based on the above information, Jerry wrote a list of priorities for his next job. He began networking, hired a career coach and landed several interviews at new companies. He reported that he felt better, more energized, and fairly certain he’d be hired at a new place soon.

The above is a good model to use when you’re feeling stuck in a rut or simply finding yourself more tired than usual.  Get in the habit of asking your intuition questions such as, “What do I want?”  “What’s the best possible outcome?” and “What would make me feel better right now?” “What steps could I take to bring about the situation I want?”  The best plan is one that you have some control over.  Steer clear of answers that involve forcing someone else to do it your way.  Divine intuition always presents options that are a win-win solution for all involved.

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How to Start Your Day Happy

By Lynn A. Robinson, M.Ed • 2 min read

bedWe’re in the midst of a deep winter chill and long dark days as I write this. Doesn’t it always seem more difficult to bounce out of bed feeling optimistic and cheerful when it’s dark and dreary? However, I’ve come to realize that starting the day in a positive frame of mind is a choice I make. Here are a few ideas I’ve experimented with that make it easier.

Begin Your Day Harmonically

There’s not much that gets me more rattled than loud noises first thing in the morning. The traditional alarm clock sound is guaranteed to get me upset. Choose your tunes! On most smart phones, there’s a setting for the music or sound that’s played on your alarm. I have some lovely Japanese Temple music that sets the rhythm for my day. That may not be your cup of tea, but try out some new melodies that will awaken you in just the right way.

Set the Alarm 15 Minutes Earlier and Meditate

Don’t you just love hitting that snooze button? But, instead of coming wide awake and bounding out of bed, consider meditating. You don’t even have to sit up! Simply observe your breath. Breathe in for a count of 4 to 5, allowing your belly and chest to expand, and breathe out, also for a count of 4 to 5, allowing a feeling of peace to envelop you. You may want to repeat a mantra or affirmation such as, “I begin my day in peace.” Or, “All is well.”  You may also just want to lie there thinking of all the things you feel grateful for…a warm bed, your kids, a job, a roof over your head.

Read a Motivational Quote or Passage

There are so many forms of inspirational wisdom out there on the web as well as in books, apps and “Daily Word” calendars. Many authors have newsletters that you can subscribe to that give you a thought for the day. This can provide a perspective for the day that keeps you going in a positive frame of mind. My favorites are Daily Word, The Daily Motivator, and Hazelden.

Just Sit in Silence

We have so few moments in our multi-tasking world today to sit quietly. But what better way to begin your day? No need to carve out a half-hour or more of meditation time. Simply sit on the deck, porch or your favorite chair, just being still. Inspiration and creative ideas come more easily when you’re being still and quiet.

Check in With Your Intuition

Intuitive wisdom often arrives when you least expect it. However, one of the ways to elicit its guidance is by asking questions. “What’s the best way to improve my mood today?” “What could I do to create more abundance in my life?” “What are three things I could do today to find a great job?” Pay attention to any images, feelings, inner whispers, “aha” moments, or dreams. Those are the main ways that intuition communicates.

How do YOU start your day? I love reading your ideas! And, yes, “Have a great day!”

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Learn to Trust Your Intuition 101

By Lynn A. Robinson, M.Ed • Less than a min read


Following your intuition does not have to be a time consuming process.

Here’s a way to get started.

Before you get out of bed each morning take one to two minutes to answer the following two questions:

  1. What do you want to do today that feels enjoyable and will move you toward your hopes, goals and dreams? That’s your intuition speaking!
  2. Think of a decision you need to make. Bring it to mind and ask your intuition, “What’s my right next step?” Or, “What do I need to know about this?”

Intuitive information comes to us in a variety of different ways. It may arrive as a dream, an “aha” moment, a feeling, a physical sensation, a synchronicity or coincidence, or you may simply “just know” the answer.

Many people find that they awaken with fresh thoughts and ideas. (For others it may be after a large mug of coffee!) If morning is a period of clarity for you, take advantage by paying attention to any intuition information that comes to you during that time. If you’re a night person, try a meditation before going to bed, and ask for some Divine insight.

What did your intuition tell you today?

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Ten Questions to Figure Out Your Life Purpose

By Lynn A. Robinson, M.Ed • 1 min read


I’m often asked about life purpose when I give an intuitive reading.

The answer doesn’t usually come to me as a description of my client’s job or career. More often it’s a quality, attribute or characteristic we’re here to develop.

If you don’t yet know your life purpose, here’s a quiz for you.

1)  What are three of your best qualities? Perhaps these are things that your friends and family often say about you. (Examples: I am a loyal friend. I’m patient, kind, and inspiring to others.)

2)   What are some areas of your life where you have difficulty. (Examples: I have a tough time telling others how I feel. I’m not very patient. I’m extremely afraid of risk.)

3)   Write about all the things you love to do and then write about why you like to do them. (Examples: I love to study healing because I feel that I can contribute to making others feel better. I love to cook because I enjoy entertaining my friends and providing healthy meals for my family. I enjoy writing because I can get my message out to a lot of people.)

4)  What are some qualities you’d like to develop? (Examples: I’d like to be more extroverted. I’d like to laugh more and be less serious. I’d like to be a kinder person.)

Here are some further questions to ponder for writing in a journal:

5)  What did you discover about yourself after completing the above lesson and exercise?

6)  What do you think you might need to work on?

7)  What new skills would you like to learn to enhance your life purpose?

8)   What have you been passionate about in your life?

9)  What would you like to change in the world?

Remember that your life purpose need not be a huge project or undertaking.  It may be a quality you develop or a gift you share with your immediate family and community.  Listen to the still, small voice within and allow it to show you your purpose.

10)  After completing the questions above fill in the blanks to the following sentences. Take whatever answer pops into your mind. Don’t think about it too much. And let your intuition be your guide.

In this life, I have come here to learn _____________________________.

I am also here to develop my ____________________________________.

The gifts (positive qualities and characteristics) I have brought with me are _____________ and ___________ and my ability to ____________________.

I believe that my life purpose is __________________________________

And –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Having completed the exercise, what are some ways you could use this information? Perhaps the insights will help you develop a specific quality or renew your passion for a cause or simply to have more courage as you face a challenging time in your life.

I’d love to read your answers. Feel free to share them in the comments section!

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Creating a Life You Adore!

By Lynn A. Robinson, M.Ed • 2 min read

palmsI’ve been giving intuitive readings for over 25 years. I love helping people figure out what they want in life and providing insights that will allow them to achieve their dreams. Do you want to know what stops most people?

  • They don’t dream big enough so they feel uninspired to move forward.
  • They talk themselves out of the dream. “I can’t afford it.” “I’m not educated enough.” “I don’t deserve it.” Or “I don’t know how to achieve it” are common statements.

It’s hard to create a life you adore if you do any of these things!

Would you like to try an experiment to get you moving in a new direction?

I’m going to ask you to try some things on pure faith. Try to put aside your natural inclination to make logical sense of this process.

Here are the concepts:

There is a Divine Intelligence that wants you to succeed. It wants you to be happy about your life and living. It wants you to do the thing or things you’re passionate about. That’s part of your mission here on Earth. It doesn’t matter what that mission is, whether it’s being a good mother or father, a great dancer, a whiz at accounting, an awe-inspiring athlete or a profound philosopher. This Intelligence wants you to succeed and will do whatever it can to assist you.

Grab a pen and a pad of paper and take 15-20 minutes to yourself where you won’t be disturbed. Think about the life you want. Begin thinking and writing the answers to the following questions. What does your ideal day, week or month look like? What are you doing? Is it different from month to month? Who are you with? What brings you joy?

If you’re more of a visual person you might find it helpful to do this exercise with a batch of magazines and a pair of scissors. Cut out pictures and words that represent the life you want.

As you do the exercise in #2, be aware of your self-talk. What are you saying to yourself about your ability to achieve this new life? You will need to work diligently at keeping your focus off what you don’t want and maintain focus on your goal. Learn to re-direct your thoughts. When you notice yourself dwelling on pessimistic or negative thoughts, shift your focus to what you want.

Take time each day to visualize your ideal life. Some people can’t SEE it, but they can feel it. That’s fine, too. In this way you add power to the vibrational energy that will attract your goal. Your feelings and emotions are an important part of this process. What does it feel like to have what you want? Use the power of your emotions as you visualize.

Each day take at least one step toward what you’re excited about. This might mean taking a class, going to an informational interview, joining a club or association, writing an article, making a call, or sending an e-mail. Your excitement is a message from your intuition about the next step to take. Whatever it is — do it!

Your goal should be to enjoy this process. Learn to be grateful for all that you’ve created. As you move towards your desired outcome, you’ll find new objectives emerging. That’s fine and as it should be. Remember to have fun!

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Are You Ready for a BIG Change?

By Lynn A. Robinson, M.Ed • 2 min read

shirtHave you been telling yourself for ages that it’s time to leave your job, (move, end the relationship, get out of debt…)? You can fill in the blank with whatever life change you’ve been thinking about. What’s been stopping you? It could be that niggling little voice of fear. Or perhaps it’s a lack of confidence. Maybe the discomfort of staying where you are outweighs the potential effort of making the change.

When you’re bored, drained or just plain tired of something, it’s your wise inner guidance telling you that it’s time to move in a new direction. What can you do to get yourself excited again and ready to take on the world, or at least your corner of it?!

Begin With a Dream

My business includes giving clients intuitive readings. One of the questions I get asked frequently is some variation on “Will my hopes and dreams come true?” When I probe a little further, I often find that my client doesn’t really have a solid dream, intention or goal. So the first step in the process of change is to get clear WHAT you want. I love the sentence completion exercise, “Wouldn’t it be great if…” You fill in the blank! Or, you could try writing about your thoughts and daydreams in a journal. Another way to get your creative juices flowing is to make a “vision board” from pictures and words you’ve cut out of magazines. What would your ideal life look like?

Accept Where You Are Now

Sometimes we don’t make a life change because we don’t know HOW to make it happen. My advice? Just begin. Take small steps. When you do, the Universe will respond by putting the right people and opportunities  in your path and good ideas in your mind. There might be a class you  take, a volunteer activity you join, or a business you begin. Think about what’s fun, enjoyable and interesting for you. That’s your intuition guiding you. Do at least one new thing every day. Life changes like this don’t need to be difficult and dreary!

Be Courageous!

There’s an old saying, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.” Intuition moves us out of our comfort zone. It tells us to get going in a new direction. We all lack confidence sometimes. If this is a big issue for you, try the “fake it until you make it” mentality. Ask yourself, “What would a confident person do in this situation?” and then try it! It would be wonderful if there were a self-confidence fairy who could sprinkle “confidence dust.” The truth is, confidence rises in us when we do the thing(s) that scare us. It builds our courage muscles.

Dare to Be Yourself

You are uniquely you. You have your own distinctive gifts, talents, ways of looking at life; your own “you-ness.” If you seek out answers from friends, family, your significant other, you’ll get a wide variety of conflicting advice. The best advice is from your own inner wisdom. What’s true for you? Take time to meditate, dream and discover what you’re truly yearning for. It will probably not look like anyone else’s path. There’s a great book by palliative care nurse Bonnie Ware, who wrote “The Top Five Reqrets of the Dying.” Their biggest regret?  “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

Have Fun With This Change

The path to a “big change” doesn’t have to be weighty, difficult and challenging. Intuition guides us always. Put simply…Pay attention to what drains you. Move away from that! Pay attention to what lightens your spirit. Do more of that! Ask yourself, “How can I make this fun?” Eventually, you’ll look back years from now and realize it was the fun, small steps that got you through to the Big Change! Keep dreaming. Keep taking action. You’ll get there. Make it a fun adventure!

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Is it Your Intuition or Are You “Into Wishing?”

By Lynn A. Robinson, M.Ed • 3 min read

keysI’ve been speaking and writing about intuition for over twenty-five years. I’m passionate about the topic because I know it’s a valuable inner wisdom we possess and most of us under utilize it. One of the questions I’m asked most frequently is “How do I know it’s my intuition and not fear (ego, wishful thinking, habit of thought)?” I wish I had a simple answer. Wouldn’t it be great if the voice of your fear sounded like Darth Vader and the voice of intuition sounded like Alicia Keys?! That would be too easy!

Intuition Has Many “Voices.”

Intuition is quick and ready insight. It’s our inner compass. When we pay attention to it, it moves us towards success and happiness and away from danger. There are many ways to receive its wisdom. It may come as the proverbial “still, quiet, inner voice.” It may also communicate insight through a dream, feelings, a knowing or a gut feeling.  Think back to a decision you’ve made in the past. How did your intuition communicate its message?

What’s Your Next Right Step?

One of the best ways to find the answer is to take a small step towards what you are being prompted to do. How do you feel as you proceed? What are the results you’re getting? If you continue to feel positive and your actions produce well-being and harmony, then you’re on the right track. Keep going! If on the other hand you feel depressed, blocked, lacking in energy and you’re getting a negative response to your actions, it’s time to slow down, stop and reevaluate.

When you follow your inner guidance, coincidences and synchronicities begin to occur. Doors will open and opportunities will come your way. You’ll find that as you feel your way along the path of following your intuition, more steps will be presented to you.

It’s Normal to Feel a Little Scared

It’s anxiety producing to move forward when the future isn’t certain. It’s as if you’re walking on a path surrounded by clouds. You can only see a few steps in front of you. You have to trust that if you keep putting one foot in front of the other you’ll ultimately be led to the place you want to be.

When you have a new goal in your life, ask your intuition for direction. See your task as following any hunch, inspiration, inner voice or dream that you receive. Have faith that your intuition is connected to a greater wisdom. Affirm that this wisdom knows just the right path for you to follow. As you hold a vision of what you want to create, the wisdom that created the world will assist you in bringing together the perfect set of circumstances to help you grow and flourish.

Building Your Intuitive Skills

Learning to trust your intuition is like practicing any new skill or talent. Usually you feel uncertain and insecure. “Am I doing it right?” is often the major question. Here are some simple steps to build your faith in your intuitive guidance as a source of information you can count on to create a life you love.

When you’re faced with a decision, find a time and place where you can be still and listen for guidance. Have a pen and paper on hand. Review your concern in your mind. You might want to write a few paragraphs to clarify the issue.

Clear your mind as best you can. Some people do this by watching their breath flow in and out, others by focusing on a candle or listening to relaxing music. Find a way that works best for you.

Ask Good Questions

Ask your inner guidance for information about the best choice. Open-ended questions are most helpful. Here are some examples: “What is the best choice for my work at this time?” “How can I help my daughter?” “How can I increase my prosperity?” “What can I do to improve my health?”

Listen carefully. Don’t edit what you receive. Intuition may come in a flash of insight, words, a fleeting or symbolic impression, an emotion, or even a body sensation. Some people report that they suddenly “just know” the answer. Others say the answer comes to them later in the day when they least expect it.

Write the information in your journal. Evaluate it. If you’ve received accurate intuition it should feel right to you. You will probably experience a pull to action that your guidance creates. The information will make you feel peaceful or calm, not agitated or upset.

Take some steps in the direction your intuition indicates. This need not require a huge leap of faith or a big change in your life. Test the information and see what the results are. If you receive positive results and you continue to feel good, take some more steps.

Evaluate your process. Each time you receive accurate information, act on it and create a positive outcome. You’re building “intuitive muscle.” You’re creating a strong channel for Divine wisdom to flow to you easily and effortlessly whenever you need it.

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The Small Step Action Plan

By Lynn A. Robinson, M.Ed • 1 min read

taoAre you stuck in a rut? Or are you feeling overwhelmed and can’t seem to prioritize? Either way, implementing the “Small Step Action Plan” can help! Robert Maurer is the author of  One Small Step Can Change Your Life.  It’s one of my favorite books. The philosophy is rooted in the two thousand-year-old wisdom of the Tao Te Ching, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” I think it should be required reading for anyone who is experiencing a crisis, overwhelmed or simply feeling stuck.

His technique is undeniably simple. It also taps into your own inner wisdom to provide the answers you seek and helps you overcome fear and inertia. His philosophy is that small steps are things that all of us can do. They add up to big changes because they’re doable and manageable. Obviously, his book provides much more detail, but here are four keys that provide a brief overview:

  1. Ask small questions. Two examples: “If health were my first priority, what could I be doing differently today?” “If feeling calm were my top priority, what is one thing I could do this week?”
  2. Think small thoughts. Think of a task or situation that makes you uncomfortable or fearful. Spend a few seconds (not minutes) each day on visualizing a successful outcome. In other words, what would life (or this situation, relationship, job, etc.) look like if you were able to create an ideal situation?
  3. Take small actions. Examples: If your goal is to stop overspending, a small action might be to remove one item from your shopping cart before heading to the register. If your goal is to manage your stress better, a small action could be to take one deep breath.
  4. Solve small problems. You’ll often receive intuitive messages about an impending crisis well before the crisis arrives. Don’t ignore early warning signs. Listen. Pay attention and act on the information you’re receiving.

Every time we achieve something new in life it starts with a single step. Don’t fall into the trap of imagining that everything has to be perfect. It never will be. Your task is to figure out what you want. Then allow the Universe to begin bringing together the resources necessary for you to have your dream. Now it’s time for you to take a step in faith and go for your dream.

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How to Manifest Things Right Away!

By Lynn A. Robinson, M.Ed • 1 min read

waves“We like things to manifest right away, and they may not.  Many times, we’re just planting a seed and we don’t know exactly how it’s going to come to fruition.  It’s hard for us to realize that what we see in front of us might not be the end of the story.” — Sharon Salzberg

You’ve visualized, meditated, affirmed, watched “The Secret” and read all of the Law of Attraction books and (darn it!) you still haven’t manifested what you want!

Unfortunately, I agree with Sharon Salzberg. It’s what many LOA teachers don’t tell you. Sometimes…things…take…time…to…manifest. There, I said it!

You may have wondered if you’re doing something wrong, saying your affirmations improperly, or misreading your intuition and making bad choices. I’ve discovered that life doesn’t seem to go in a straight line for most of us. Despite what many self-help books imply, you don’t usually sail effortlessly from the completion of one successful achievement into another.

The Universe is at work behind the scenes helping you climb the ladder to your success. There is a Divine intelligence that knows exactly what you need in order to grow into the next, new experience you want to create. Susan Jeffers writes in her wonderful book, “End the Struggle and Dance With Life” — “When we are spiritually evolving, we are in a better place to handle whatever life hands us.”  She adds, “We all want quick and easy, but when it comes to becoming a spiritual being, speed doesn’t work.”

I’ve had many experiences in my life that felt like failures. At the time it was hard to imagine I was anywhere near to achieving the goals I so desperately wanted.  Yet when I look back at those situations with a few decades of hindsight, I can see that the Universe had put those seeming detours in my path to help me grow into my vision.

While it may have appeared to me that nothing was happening, the changes that were taking place in my emotions, thoughts and spiritual growth were profound.  It’s as if Divine Intelligence knew exactly what I needed to overcome the limiting beliefs I held about myself and the world. God was readying me for what I needed in order to be able to achieve the next steps in my life.

You may think your goal is to get that promotion, to find your life partner, or to write a best-selling book. There’s nothing wrong with that!  However, God uses your desires to help you learn about love, forgiveness, kindness, community, wisdom and patience along the way. Trust and faith are the qualities to focus on while the forces of Universal wisdom do their work to assist in your spiritual unfolding.

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