Please tell me that Steven Tyler’s relapse last year was not the cause of his splitting from Aerosmith this week. Tyler got clean in 1986 …

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Aerosmith: My drinking, my depression and my hopes for Steven Tyler

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  1. my attention is caught on the last part of your article about Tyler saying “Keep coming back. It works if your work it.” I’m a big aerosmith fan and its sad to know what happened to them but Tyler made a great impact in my life.. He came back..

  2. And I believe he will come back again. 12-Step programs work when we work and live them – no matter how many years clean and sober. Besides being a gifted musician, he a good man. A few years ago he walked into a restaurant here in West Palm Beach and served Thanksgiving dinner to the needy.

  3. I have depression, sleep disorders, and diabetes
    I’m not trying to play “can you top this”
    But, I do know how difficult it is to stay clean, with other pending health issues
    Medication for pain can be a tricky subject
    And what is the deal when you are given pain medication for surgery? And you enjoy it?
    Remember before anesthesiology a doctor would give you a bottle of wiskey, before he cut in to you
    This is not an excuse making comment
    I just do hope Steven gets back to being sober, so he can have a choice on what comes next for him

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