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Welcome to Rant-O-Rama

By Christine Stapleton

Welcome to Rant-O-Rama, an occasional blog about stuff that really ticks me off in the mental health world. Please feel free to share your own …

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Welcome to Rant-O-Rama

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  1. I believe that most people know that the two meanings are distinct–the evil psychiatric disorder is one thing, but the meaning of schizophrenic as used by the newscaster was also correct. As much as you might dislike it, that is a dictionary-standard use of schizophrenia. It doesn’t demean the disease–it just is a holdover from an earlier time when the disease was even more misunderstood. Therefore, perhaps because I’m not schizophrenic, it doesn’t bother me at all.

  2. I agree – I hate when people make this mistake and people make it a lot. Maybe I just notice it more because I know people with schizophrenia. I understand if it’s coming from people who would have no reason to know the difference, but if you’re talking on the news maybe you should understand the words you are using. Irritating.

  3. It is one of my pet peeves, as well. I don’t think people do understand the difference between schizophrenia and DID. I’ve had to explain the difference to well-educated adults (people with Ph.D.s!) because the misuse tends to get stuck in their brains. They usually think it all goes together (e.g. audio hallucinations would be the other personality) rather than seeing two distinct diagnoses. It is constantly misused – in print, in movies, in conversation.

  4. I agree with your observation, but I see most people struggling with one form or another of a mental anomoly….whether it is schizophrenia..which I see as prevelent among our younger people…the “biggie” depression, young, old, and everything in between…..Too many pressures on the young to succeed….maintaining the “lifestyle” for the in betweens……and less and less purpose for the older……ALL LACKING VALIDATION AND EVERY DAY LOVE…..Too busy making the buck….so everyone suffers, in one way or another….You can replace a dollar, try replacing love…..and we wonder why so many suffer…..we wanted our privacy and boy, did we get it….all alone.

  5. It’s true that most non-mentally-ill people don’t understand mental illness, we all belong to this ‘club’ of people who potentially have the best ability to know what each other is going through. Sure, it’s idiotic when the media uses mental health references inappropriately, in the same way that people use the word ‘gay’ to refer to anything they don’t like. I think people mean well, they’re just uninformed and insecure. Unfortunately calling someone uninformed and insecure does not carry as much weight as other insults do.

  6. my mental health complaint is: seems to be a profitable pharmaceutical and psychiatric business. Big Business! And that crap chemicals don’t work a large percentage of the farce time except by fluke accident. I know I am negative. Just bought into the bull of hope for a cure for about a 20year stretch. And today I am still at the same place, having gained nothing but a bitter attitude towards the promotion of false hope and mislead profittable greedy psychiatric system. Yes mental health care has its place and yes antipsychotics are helpful. But take a look at the antidepressants and mood stabilizers–they cause the sytems we are trying to eliminate. How is that a cure? I am an RN BSN and have worked in mental health… a real shame. Them crap chemicals do more harm then good and I speak from experience x 2. For those who had a good result–great! but after a short stent and the results are poor–get out of the loop and go towards positive thinking and cognitive and forgiveness

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