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Can you Achieve “Amazing Results in Just Days!”

This is a title of an article I recently came across in a health related magazine.  Amazing results in just days! The attraction of the quick fix is strong, especially when you’re feeling emotional distress.  If you feel worthless, have no appetite, want to stay in bed all day, are extremely emotional or feel tension, anxiety and discomfort wouldn’t it be wonderful to have “amazing results in just days?”
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Can Music Improve Your Depression?

There is no doubt that music has a powerful effect on our emotions.  Watch any thriller and notice how the music can make you anxious for the hero, tense at the build up to a scene and calm when all the action is over.  Pop music often pulls at our heartstrings and has an uncanny ability to get us moving.  My young children, who hate to pick up their toys, will gladly hop up and start packing the toys away when I put on a little upbeat ABBA.
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