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Being Sensitive But Rocking The Boat

Being creative is not some kind of personality trait; you need to have more than just creative ideas or innovative possibilities, you need to actually do something in the world: record that song, write a book or article, put together a smart phone app.

As author and entrepreneur Seth Godin says, “What you do for a living is not be creative, what you do is ship.”

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The Highly Sensitive Creative Person

Are creative people more likely to be highly sensitive?

Writer Carolyn Gregoire in an article on the topic thinks one reason highly sensitive people may be so creative is an unusual depth of feeling - part of the personality trait of high sensitivity that psychologists and many creative people find supports creative exploration and expression.

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Deal With Energy Vampires To Be More Creative

"Energy is the key to creativity. Energy is the key to life." William Shatner
We need more than ideas to be creative, we need passion and energy. Being productive in most creative ventures takes ongoing motivation and resolve.

Some situations and people fuel our emotional energy, and some suck it away. How can we deal with that kind of energy drain?

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Using Subtle Energy To Be Creative

In an article, Suzanne Falter-Barns quotes Deepak Chopra: "Creativity is ultimately sexual - I'm sorry -- but it is!"

Falter-Barns comments, "I couldn't agree more. I'd always had this sense that self-expression, passion and the stirrings of your soul were intertwined."

The field of "energy medicine" claims to understand and help people understand and make use of subtle energy, including chakras or energy centers.

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Joss Stone – Artist and Empath

Psychologist Elaine Aron, PhD is perhaps the leading expert on high sensitivity, or more technically, sensory processing sensitivity.

She explains that the trait includes a higher level of empathy:

“Highly sensitive individuals are those born with a tendency to notice more in their environment and deeply reflect on everything before acting, as compared to those who notice less and act quickly and impulsively. As a result, sensitive people, both children and adults, tend to be empathic, smart, intuitive, creative, careful, and conscientious…”

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