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Will You Love Me If…?

When we begin a new relationship, or, when we are attempting to rebuild a shattered relationship, we tend to wear our best face. Then, as our romance progresses, we begin to reveal both the good and the bad of our inner selves in the expressions of our thoughts, beliefs, and judgments.

It can be quite frightening to share our most intimate selves with our partner.
“Will he accept me knowing who I really am?”

“If I tell her my story, will she still love me?”
Still, we must develop an honest and open relationship if we hope to see any growth in this partnership.

If your partner turns away when you reveal something about yourself, remember that it is not “all about me.” Your partner may be distracted by something having nothing to do with you. Acknowledge that you have fear of being rejected, and let your Higher Power know that you trust in the care that is promised in Step Three of the 12 steps.

One of the strategies that we have found helpful is to
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When Harry Met Sally: The True Story of a Sober Romance

Harry and Sally took risks - for the sake of

Harry and Sally found each other in the 12 Step recovery rooms and it was “love at first sight.”  Both had long histories of romantic failure that included two previous failed marriages for Harry and one divorce for Sally. Both had vowed that their new sober relationship was going to be different than all the rest since neither had...
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