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Lost That Loving Feeling?

The couples who reach a point of dissatisfaction with their romantic relationship that they find themselves considering the need for professional help, or selecting self-help titles such as “Awakening To Your Soul Mate: A decision to be IN Love ©” have probably known for some time that something is wrong.
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Engaged to be Divorced – Part Two

The couples we have worked with over the years report that they talked themselves out of being concerned for years before the first affair, the first meeting with the divorce attorney, or the present romantic estrangement and alarm that they feel. In Part One of this two-part article we presented to you case snippets of seven such true stories where various couples found themselves wondering what had happened to the magic in their romance or marriage. These same couples can usually remember what it was like when they first met and how amazing it was that everything that the other person said was fascinating; a warm hug could last all night!  The reasons that partners in a romance will tolerate the growing dissolution of their love are too numerous to cover, but suffice it to say that every romance begins and dies with a story that each of the partners bring to the union.
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