You may be wondering where I've been since November 30 ~ Day Three ~ of my outpatient eating disorder treatment program. Read the comments to that last post. You'll see some of my progress. Since then a few things happened... I snapped the picture you see, this morning. It's a tight shot of my right hand. Note the discolouration on my thumb. Not dirt. It's a bruise, black and blue. Also... I am very right-handed and not, as I have discovered ~ in the least, whatsoever, in any remote way ~ ambidextrous. The plaster cast you see goes up to my elbow. It weighs "a ton." Feels like it, anyway. After a stupid fall on Wednesday, December 14 ~ all falls methinks are stupid, right? ~ and an x-ray revealed that I had indeed broken my right arm above my wrist, the technician in the ER fracture clinic said I would be able to have a yellow fibreglass cast in a week. Mmmmmm. My favourite colour.
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