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This post is in response to Dr. Suzanne Phillips and Dianne Kane's fascinating Healing Together for Couples post on Hoarding Behaviour.

By the way, yesterday, somehow, it was accidentally posted, unfinished!

I'm so sorry...

Now it's here, camera ready, as they used to say in those by-gone days of print. :)

It began as a comment, but was so long, I decided to post about it.

So, thank you, "Phillips and Kane," for your inspiration.

As I've known hoarders in my day ~ and I confess, I am one, with certain things...

You struck a chord....

Don't you think almost all of our behaviours are as a result of some sort of "trauma" in our lives? Almost?

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This post is in response to Dr. Suzanne Phillips and Dianne Kane's fascinating Healing Together for Couples post on Hoarding Behaviour.

It began as a comment, but was so long, I decided to post about it.

Thank you for the inspiration.

It struck a chord.

Also, I've had personal experience with hoarding and hoarders.

Don't you think almost all of our behaviours are as a result of some sort of "trauma" in our lives. We're attempting to fill a void inside of us because we don't feel good enough.

Perhaps that traumatic event or events were in vitro. Or in our infancy. In some long forgotten or "blocked" or "repressed" event? Depending upon one's levels of sensitivity, traumatic events can happen all the time. Little psychic bumps and bruises along the way.

Through my 51 years of psycho therapy, Dr. Phillips, I've learned that seminar event that triggered my psychotic/manic episodes happened when I was raped in a mental hospital by an orderly in 1962. I was 14. And I repressed that memory. This was long before Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was created. That memory came back to me in 1976, when I was 28 years old.
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My New Head Shot ~ A “Truth in the Moment”…

Here's my new head shot.

It was taken last night by my son-in-law Andrew Baxter, a professional videographer and photographer, at our birthday dinner for his wife, Rebecca Lager, the older of Marty's two daughters.

I needed a new one...

The photo running here at Psych Central with my May 1, 2010 introduction was taken in 1998.

Time for an update.

So, Andrew, an absolute darling, schlepped all his lights, camera, backdrop and other photographic paraphernalia up here and took an hour to set up the lighting, whilst everyone was imbibing wine and merrymaking, before he sat me down in front of the camera.

He made "it" quick, easy and painless...

Not always so, for me. Let's rewind a bit.
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The Wedding Gift…

Last Sunday, my eldest niece was married to a darling gent.

They're perfect for each other in all the important spheres.

They share passions, values, even careers. Both are philosophers. Both academics. Both brilliant.

Last year, when they announced their wedding plans, it was clear I would not be able to attend. The ceremony was taking place far away and, quite frankly, traveling is not in the cards for me. Let's just say, "I don't travel well."

I was heartbroken...

She understood completely, though it broke my heart. This young woman is very special, as all my sisters' children are.

She has a PhD in philosophy and teaches at a university. Her new husband is following the same career path, though his area of study differs. They complement each other divinely.

When the subject of gifts came up recently, they both stressed that they didn't need or want anything, until I suggested that I write something for them.

Their eyes glistened...

"Yes," she said. He smiled, instantly. I knew my work was cut out for me.

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Reinventing Myself ~ Again…

Okay. I've not been here for a while. I'm sorry, but reinvention takes time.

You need to work at it. It's painful and frightening.

Right now, I'm still in my caterpillar stage, though I'm dreaming butterflies. Monarch Butterflies.

Remember my Emotional Health and Happynomics post?

That's what I've been working on ...

Last week, part of my dream about Emotional Health started taking shape.

At the same time, l had a major upset last week, too.

It rocked the foundations of this raw, delicate, fragile new persona and social entrepreneurial business I'm trying to develop. Robbed me of every shred of confidence, of which I don't feel I have tons of right now ~ for a day or two.

Then, something happened...

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