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More on “Emotional Health,” Part Two…

Musing  a bit on madness...

Actually, the words "mad" and "madness" are quite commonly and innocently used in England.

Just here, in North America, there's an aversion to it.

It's time we reclaimed them, as gays and blacks have reclaimed the words that accurately describe them.

Frankly, I love the term. I love the fact that all of Shakespeare's "fools" and "jesters" ~ often considered "mad" ~ were the only characters in his canon to speak the truth.

"Manic Depression" was changed to Bipolar Disorder by psychiatrists ~ to soften the sting out of this ancient and more accurate descriptive term.

Bipolar is a ridiculous and meaningless term...

What does it really mean? It doesn't change the reality of living with severe, sometimes profound mood swings.

There are so many problems with the term "mental", including a "them and us" attitude that will prevent progress in changing the perceptions of people about those of us who happen to live with emotional health issues, including mental health issues and addictions.

And who doesn't?

Language matters. It's powerful and political. And I don't like political correctness. I like honesty.
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More on “Emotional Health” ~ Part One…

A reader, who is very upset with my use of the term "emotional health," wants to stop reading this blog and leave our community here at Coming Out Crazy.

I see "emotions" and "moods" as synonymous...

That's where we differ. I am not my diagnosis. That the first thing. I am me. My mood disorder is unlike anyone else's, despite a similar label. Oh, how I detest labels, but "emotional" is no label. It's a reality of life. We all have emotions.

I wish we could sit down and discuss this...

But that isn't going to happen because of our differences, which can be opportunities for learning. Personal growth, I think, evolves when two people can work through a problem and begin to understand each others differing opinions and perceptions.

Honestly, I interpret the word "emotional health" as a benign and inclusive term encompassing a whole health hemisphere ~ the other being “physical health” ~ and together, you have the totality of health. Mind and body, soul and spirit.

I don't see “mental health" issues as disorders or illnesses or diseases...

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Life Offline ~ News from 1988…

I haven't posted in ages. The reason is simple.

Since March 9, we have had no Internet access at all.

We've been living back in the 1980s. With only our landline telephones and my iPhone. Totally cut off from the world. Disconnected.

I was apoplectic, overwrought, frantic ...

Marty didn't suffer, but I was apoplectic. I have no phone book. How do you order things without a computer? Books, for instance. I couldn't decide what to wear without the online weather report.

It's amazing how totally dependent we've have become on our technology. Since 1984, when the Internet was invented. I'm still adjusting to my bionic life with my hearing aids.

And it's hard to post on an iPhone...

Intermittent access began last week, but only since yesterday have we been stable and "up." Though my email is still playing "peek 'a boo" with me. Here one minute, gone the next.

That said, I am woefully behind in my work ~ especially the online course I teach ~ and particularly my blogging.

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Emotional Health and “Happynomics”

Today, my friend, blogger and former babysitter Ruth Zaryski Jackson sent me Roger Cohen's column in today's Sunday New York Times titled The Happynomics of Life. Fascinating piece.

He opined about The Brits and their approach or lack thereof to our so-called happiness industry.

Ruth's email was no coincidence...

Yesterday morning, we sat next to each other at the monthly meeting of the Writers' Community of Durham Region, (WCDR) where I spoke last month about blogging. Remember? (Now, Marty and I are full-fledged members.) Yes, it's been a while. But I don't want to discuss where I've been right now. That's for another post.

Here's why Ruth's email and Roger Cohen's column clicked for me. Why she sent it.

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Out of Sight ~ But Not Entirely Out of Mind…

Last week, I made three brand new, utterly different speeches in three days to three diverse audiences in two Canadian provinces. The first in Toronto, Ontario. Then I flew to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. And back to Toronto.

As the crow flies, if it flies straight, Charlottetown is 1,315 kilometres or 818 miles east of Toronto. More than two hours by plane.

Quite a trip for one speech ~ in the middle of winter...

Charlottetown is almost as far east as Canada goes. Next stop, Newfoundland. Then you're in the drink ~ the Atlantic. Yet what a charming, friendly, quaint little city Charlottetown is. I loved being there. Especially the people.

That explains where I've been ~ partially...

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