Up here in Ontario, we’re having a good old-fashioned winter, like none in recent memory.

I took this picture from the window of my office early this afternoon.

There’s half a foot of fluffy snow outside and it’s utterly exquisite if you know how to dress and can embrace the elements in comfort. I’m learning this year.

Snow is exquisite if you can embrace winter…

Luckily, my nephew Max gave me a quick lesson in winter dressing ~ three layers of form-fitting acrylics and a down-filled coat ~ and now I’m positively toasty whilst walking my dog Riley ~ he’s outfitted in baby socks and PAWZ on all four feet. We venture out at least twice a day for a minimum of 35-55 minutes at a shot. He loves his jaunts with me.

We were in the habit of walking at least three times a day, but a few days ago, I noticed he was limping a little, so we’re resting, Taking fewer long walks.

Our walks do wonders for my emotional well-being…

I’m more relaxed on my return and do my best thinking whilst on the road.

Marty takes him out on our Extend-a-Lead in our unenclosed backyard more often right now and Riley and I go on our marathons fewer times each day. His sore foot needed some healing time.

This evening, I’m happy to report, we walked three kilometres or 1.86 miles at a good clip and he was “limp free.”

Right now, however, it’s a little stormy inside our house …

Though the landscape is glorious, it’s a little emotionally turbulent for us because Marty had a little fender-bender yesterday ~ no charges were laid ~ but who knows how much I suspect cosmetic damage our 1999 Honda Accord Coupe endured. We’ll find out next week.

Marty’s ego is rather bruised. That’s the problem. He’s discovering I suspect, that he’s not the “King of the Road” he always fancied himself to be. I let him know this blatantly. And loudly.

He’s not particularly happy about it, but these truths, from my perspective, needed saying. And this time, I decided I would say them a little mercilessly.

Other men seem to be similarly afflicted, I’m discovering…

Critical of other drivers. Very vocal about it. Always yelling at them ~ though they’re oblivious to these verbal admonitions.

So I suspect what happens is that the focus that should be on the road ahead is directed elsewhere and … CRASH!

This has happened to Marty on several occasions and this time I decided to be perfectly truthful about my feelings. No one likes to hear that kind of truth. So, we’ve been a little unkind to each other ~ mostly me to him.

Now, in all fairness, what happened could have happened to anyone, I suppose. The police simply cautioned both parties ~ the young woman into whose car, our car slithered at an intersection (I wasn’t in it by the way), where she had abruptly stopped at a yellow light. For no apparent reason. There was no damage to her rented car. But lots of damage ours, as well as to my husband’s ego.

To be continued…



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    Last reviewed: 9 Jan 2011

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