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Lucy’s Puppies and More…

Hello, again.

Yes, I'm back. Earlier than I expected, but I'm going to write shorter and more often. That way, I'll not lose my momentum or risk losing you, again.

I don't want to do that.

My new mantra ~ shorter, more frequent posts...

So, this post is going to be quick and easy. I'm hungry and have barely eaten anything today. Must keep eating.

First, I want to share with you some good news about Lucy's puppies. And this pic: Today, right now, they are almost six days old and doing well, as is she. Here's a slightly more recent picture than the first one.

This one was taken by my breeder when they were three and a half days old ~ on Thursday, November 25 ~ the day before yesterday.

They were still very tiny, but growing fast, beginning to fill out a bit. You cannot see much, but that's because they tend to huddle together to keep each other warm.

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More of “I’m Still Here…”*

As I was saying...

For the next three weeks, I was growing increasingly stressed, big time stress, until Lucy's X-ray on November 17th.

That was just three days before she could potentially whelp.

Lucy was growing, too...

My stress levels swung into high gear, the fatter she grew.

I was anxious, nervous, flying off the handle, screaming at the turn of a dime. Seeing Dr. Bob weekly. Losing my appetite. Not eating. "Why have you changed?" my husband kept asking. "You weren't like this before."

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“I’m Still Here…”*


Hello, Hello, Hello!

It's feels wonderful to be sitting here in my almost-completely organized office, playing the keyboard of my iMac like a piano and relaxing with you for the first time in a month.

And what a month... what a couple of months, we've had. Feels so good.

I'm sorry I disappeared so suddenly but I think you'll understand when hear my little tale...
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