Why and How You Should Trust Your Gut

It was a scorching day in Costa Rica. My husband and I decided to take our 8-year-old son for a hike to get as close as possible to the Arenal Volcano. We walked several hours through beautiful, lush forest.
As the sun got higher and the day got hotter, we reached an endpoint marked by signs reading, DANGER, KEEP OUT. We walked around the safe side of the area for a while enjoying...
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The Secret to Getting Unstuck: Core Feelings Part 2

Several months ago I wrote The Best Kept Secret to Getting Unstuck: Core Feelings. In it, you met Garrett, Jolene and Lizzy, who are all burdened by an uncomfortable feeling (a Core Feeling) that comes over them, seemingly from nowhere.
Most of us have some kind of Core Feeling. It's an old, deep feeling that originates from your childhood. It comes over you, often when you least expect it. It's natural to try to avoid having it, as it feels like a burden....
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