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Character Strengths

Did You Take Your Mental Health “Pill”?

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You probably engage in a variety of daily habits, for example: checking your email, brushing your teeth, or perhaps taking a vitamin/medication. What if we added one more quick habit to your day: "using 1 of your signature strengths in a new way". What kind of mental health benefits could you gain?

Over the recent years I have found that one of the most overlooked pathways for...
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Character Strengths

Your Vote is Probably Based on Character

Just a month ago the VIA Institute on Character launched a new survey that asked people what character strengths are essential in a great President. The survey then invited the user to rate the character strengths of the Presidential candidates.

The results are in!...just in time for Election Day. I’ll start with the conclusions and then offer more details.


Regardless of political affiliation or preference in this election, the top 4 character strengths of the “ideal President” are:
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