A few years ago, I worked with a middle-aged man (I’ll call him “Jim”) who was legally blind and suffered from social anxiety disorder (social phobia). Jim also experienced panic attacks. He wanted to learn to manage his anxiety better and to not have to take his anti-anxiety pills. One day I asked Jim: “How did you make it here today?” “The usual way – by bus,” he said. “Actually, 2 buses, a little bit of biking, and a lot of walking.” “And what was that like for you to do today?” “It was fine…I felt fine. Nothing remarkable.” “Wow, Jim…Most people would be terrified to live in the darkness that you live in as a partially blind man. Yet, you go about your day taking buses, walking down busy streets, trying to improve yourself with therapy, volunteering at local agencies….and you successfully face the challenge of riding a bike despite limited vision. What courage you have! What perseverance!” My client was stunned.
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