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Character Strengths

Relationships vs. Achievement in Argo

Picture this: I’m on the edge of my seat (literally) in a crowded movie theater viewing Ben Affleck's new film Argo, currently the number one film in the U.S. The audience and I are captivated by the story of Tony Mendez, a CIA agent’s desperate attempt in 1980 to save the lives of six hostages from a revolutionary Iran. Mendez’s creative idea of pretending to make a movie in Iran becomes the only hope of saving the hostages.

The intensity is riveting. All of the viewer’s attention focuses on what might be the next plot development – will the hostages make it through the airport checkpoints? What obstacles will they face next? How can they possibly overcome them?

But then I reflected more deeply: What really matters most in terms of this story as it unfolds before me? What I found surprised me.
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Character Strengths

Your Vote is Probably Based on Character

Just a month ago the VIA Institute on Character launched a new survey that asked people what character strengths are essential in a great President. The survey then invited the user to rate the character strengths of the Presidential candidates.

The results are in!...just in time for Election Day. I’ll start with the conclusions and then offer more details.


Regardless of political affiliation or preference in this election, the top 4 character strengths of the “ideal President” are:
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