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Mindfulness Meditation Video for Working with Difficulties

From the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center, researcher Diana Winston created this short guided meditation video to help work with life's difficulties.

Whether it's difficult emotions, body sensations, or stressful events, mindfulness meditation can help with calming and focussing the mind to cope with life more effectively.

UCLA MARC offers a range of free mindfulness videos and mp3s in a variety of lengths and for different...
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title Math Anxiety 101
description Learning about learning: ENGAMMETRON is the work of the Educational Neuroscience Group for Research into Affect and Mentation / in Mathematics Education (ENGRAM/ME) at Simon Fraser University. Experiments combine EEG with eye tracking, heart rate, breathing rate, skin conductance, and blinking and pupillary responses. . A Canadian educational TV show profile of the lab, with excellent editing.
producer Knowledge Network
featuring Nova Ami, Stephen Campbell,...
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