Are Eating Disorders Racist? And Other Questions for Kati Morton

By Sandra Kiume • Less than a min read

Therapist Kati Morton answers questions from her Tumblr readers, in a YouTube video.

First, she talks about forgetting to talk about issues with your therapist during your appointment and ways to help remember, with helpful tips.

The second question is, “Are eating disorders racist? …I don’t believe I can have one, because I’m African-American.” Kati replies that mental illness doesn’t discriminate, and that she’s had African-American clients struggling with eating disorders.

The third question asks about switching therapists. Kati asks what work have you done on your own? If you’re trying maybe it’s not working and look around.

She then goes on to discuss a journal topic. A peppy and informative video update, follow her YouTube channel for many more.

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Format: Flash Date: 05/08/14
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Headspace: Mental, Physical, and Social Health for Youth

By Sandra Kiume • Less than a min read

Since 2006, Australia’s Headspace program for youth mental health has opened service centres across the country offering physical, mental, social, and addiction care.

They’ve achieved a 93% satisfaction rate among nearly 100,000 youth.

The model is now expanding to Canada. Learn more about the approach in this short whiteboard animation video from UBC.


Producer: UBC One Minute Medical School Featuring: n/a
Format: Flash Date: 06/14/14
Length: 00:02:33  
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Romantic Chemistry

By Sandra Kiume • Less than a min read

Highlights from a talk by Larry Young about the brain chemistry of love.

From bonded-for-life prairie voles to human partnerships, chemistry plays a role in romantic attraction and staying with a mate. Lessons from research into the science of love may be useful for other applications in psychiatric conditions, including autism spectrum disorders.

An animated short excerpt from a presentation at the Brain Matters! conference held in Vancouver, BC in March, 2014.

Producer: National Core for Neuroethics Featuring: Larry Young
Format: Flash Date: 23/07/14
Length: 00:06:09  
Video Link:
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More Than a Pet: Service Dogs for PTSD

By Sandra Kiume • Less than a min read

A short video profiling labradoodle Rocco and the veteran he cares for, through the program K9s for Warriors in the US.

K9s for Warriors trains rescue dogs to be service dogs for PTSD in veterans.


Producer: Bayer's K9 Advantix® II and K9s For Warriors Featuring: Rocco, Jack Capra, Sandi Capra
Format: Flash Date: 02/05/14
Length: 00:04:10  
Video Link:
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What Makes Us Laugh?

By Sandra Kiume • Less than a min read

Professor Sophie Scott’s LaughterLab at the UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience in the UK does neuroscience research on why and how people laugh.

In a project at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2012 and the Big Bang Fair 2013, at an exhibit they simply asked people to write down, “What makes you laugh?” In this short, fun video, they share the answers they collected.

To learn more about the LaughterLab and their research, visit this link, and for more fun and scientific videos about laughter check out Sophie Scott’s YouTube channel

Producer: LaughterLab Featuring: text on Post-its
Format: Flash Date: 14/03/14
Length: 00:03:19  
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What’s it Like to Experience and Recover from Psychosis?

By Sandra Kiume • Less than a min read

Simon Says: Psychosis is a fantastic documentary featuring three people who’ve experienced psychosis, talking about what it’s like, and their recovery journeys assisted by the Early Intervention in Psychosis Service provided by the Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust in the UK.

The film was created by John Richardson, a person with lived experience of psychosis, giving it special insight, empathy, and an insider perspective. For more background about the filmmaker’s process and intent, follow this link.

You can follow the filmmaker on Twitter at @insipidmedia, and also interact with a special account for the film, @sisaysPSYCHOSIS. Please ask questions and share your feedback on this unique and important project.

Producer: Insipid Media Featuring: John, Dominick, Jane
Format: Flash Date: 06/06/14
Length: 00:23:44  
Video Link:
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Value from Suicide Attempts: The Way Forward

By Sandra Kiume • Less than a min read

A powerful video sharing key recommendations in the report “The Way Forward: Pathways to hope, recovery, and wellness with insights from lived experience,” prepared by the Suicide Attempt Survivors Task Force of the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention.

This comprehensive report on suicide attempt survivors and suicide prevention is a major step in lived experience advocacy.

There will be a one hour tweetchat on Thursday, July 10 at 12:30 pm ET using the hashtag #WayForward. Suicide attempt survivors and allies are welcome to join this groundbreaking advocacy discussion.



Producer: crowdsourced by April Foreman Featuring: many voices
Format: Flash Date: 30/06/14
Length: 00:08:56  
Video Link:
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Can and Should We Prevent Crime with Neurotechnology?

By Sandra Kiume • Less than a min read

A cool animated short presentation on the ethics of using neurotechnology to prevent violent crime. “Neurotechnology for Our Homes and Our Nations: The Neuroethics of Privacy and Security” by James Giordano.

Continue reading… »

Producer: National Core for Neuroethics Featuring: James Giordano
Format: Flash Date: 09/07/14
Length: 00:07:37  
Video Link:
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Powerful Suicide Attempt Survivor Documentary

By Sandra Kiume • Less than a min read

A Voice At The Table is a half-hour documentary featuring interviews with four healed suicide attempt survivors advocating for suicide prevention.

It’s a powerful look at a topic that is too often overlooked: the knowledge of attempt survivors. With the work of these four activists and others, it’s now more prominent.

Features Cara Anna of What Happens Now? and Talking About Suicide, Craig Miller, author of This is How it Feels, Dese’Rae Stage of Live Through This, and Tracey Medeiros (also check out another fascinating interview with her).

Producer: Annemarie Matulis Featuring: Cara Anna, Tracey Medeiros, Craig Miller, Dese'Rae Stage
Format: Flash, HD Date: 18/05/14
Length: 00:32:26  
Video Link:
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Can’t Sleep? Try This Guided Meditation Talkdown Video

By Sandra Kiume • Less than a min read

Sleep is an essential component of good mental health, and trouble sleeping can be a symptom of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and other conditions, as well as simply resulting from stress.

While there are medication options, they don’t offer the revitalization of natural sleep. Sedation doesn’t mimic normal sleep and can interfere with the REM stage of dreaming, which is important to feel refreshed in the morning. Often, there’s a “hangover effect” of grogginess the next day. Sleeping pills are also addictive and should be used with caution, infrequently.

A good alternative is a guided meditation to ease you into relaxation and soothe you to sleep. This video is one of the best free options I’ve found.

It features a calming male voice easing you into progressively deeper stages of relaxation leading into sleep, along with the peaceful sounds of ocean waves on a beach (and a bit of ambient music at the beginning).

Along with my own successful experience, I’ve shared this video on my Twitter account @unsuicide and people have told me it’s effective for them as well. Tonight, give it a try and see how it works for you.

Producer: The Honest Guys Featuring: n/a
Format: Flash Date: 13/08/12
Length: 00:29:31  
Video Link:
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