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Powerful Suicide Attempt Survivor Documentary

A Voice At The Table is a half-hour documentary featuring interviews with four healed suicide attempt survivors advocating for suicide prevention.

It's a powerful look at a topic that is too often overlooked: the knowledge of attempt survivors. With the work of these four activists and others, it's now more prominent.

Features Cara Anna of What Happens Now? and Talking About Suicide, Craig Miller, author of This is How it Feels, Dese'Rae Stage of Live Through...
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A Simple Guide to Helping a Suicidal Person

Psychalive presents a practical, step-by-step video guide on how to help someone you know who may be suicidal.

Listening skills, assessment, and how to develop an action plan are all explained in easy to understand language for the average person.

If you're feeling suicidal right now, please reach out to talk to someone about it. There is hope, and help is available. Here's a directory of helplines around the world, and another directory of online supports if...
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Harmful Urges and Cravings? Try this Mindfulness Exercise

A mindfulness exercise video to help you identify, understand, and ride out urges and cravings for addictive, compulsive and harmful behaviours.

By noticing thoughts and urges without acting on them, you can learn to surf urges as they come up until you have mastery over the behaviour.

This practical 12 minute exercise (also available as an mp3) combines a breathing exercise with a body scan and mental self-assessment, with a professional counsellor guiding you through the...
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