Policing Mental Illness Crisis

By Sandra Kiume

A great short documentary on police treatment of people in mental health crisis.

A look at the formation of a Crisis Intervention Team and the special training given to police officers who wear plain clothes and apply mental health first aid. Includes an interview with a person with a diagnosis, and family members, on what it’s like to be involved in mental health crisis involving police.

A hopeful look at best practices and good results in crisis intervention.


Producer: Brave New Films Featuring: various
Format: Flash Date: 09/10/14
Length: 00:08:12  
Video Link:
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Comedian Ruby Wax Laughs at Mental Illness

By Sandra Kiume

Comedian Ruby Wax gives a TED Talk with amusing perspectives on mental illness.

“Your pets are happier than you are,” she says.

A viral video that shares powerful information with a spoonful of fun. Includes Ruby’s own handmade visual aids.

Producer: Featuring: Ruby Wax
Format: Flash Date: 10/10/12
Length: 00:08:44  
Video Link:
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Face-to-Face with Mark Henick on Mental Health Awareness Day

By Sandra Kiume

A brief interview with Mark Henick, a board member of the Mental Health Commission of Canada, and person with lived experience of mental health issues and suicide attempts.

Mark’s tireless mental health advocacy to combat stigma has led to numerous speaking engagements, including a popular TEDxToronto talk on “Why we Choose Suicide.”

This year for Mental Illness Awareness Week, Mark has been chosen as one of the Faces of Mental Illness.


Producer: MIAWCanada Featuring: Mark Henick
Format: Flash Date: 06/10/14
Length: 00:02:18  
Video Link:
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Easy Anxiety Relief in a Mindfulness Meditation Video

By Sandra Kiume

A mindfulness guided meditation video to help you overcome anxiety and fear.

In this simple 15 minute video, a calm male voice leads you through a breathing exercise, and repeating a series of mantras that focus on creating a sense of inner peace.


Producer: MindfulPeace Featuring: unknown
Format: Flash Date: 22/03/14
Length: 00:14:20  
Video Link:
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How to Overcome Stage Fright

By Sandra Kiume

A funny and very endearing TED Talk by folk singer Joe Kowan about experiencing and overcoming severe stage fright.

Kowan describes his discomfort as well as his unique and creative strategy for coping with it – performing a song that confronts it head on.

I’m reminded of Brene Brown’s advice on coping with shame; by admitting to our vulnerabilities, others see us as authentic, and appreciate our humanity more than if we try to mask our fears.

Bravo, Joe!

Producer: TED Talks Featuring: Joe Kowan
Format: Flash Date: 24/01/14
Length: 00:08:03  
Video Link:
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Finding Hope from an Attempt Survivor on World Suicide Prevention Day

By Sandra Kiume

In Finding Hope, a short and inspiring video, a child sexual abuse survivor talks about his suicide attempt and recovery.

No matter how close to the brink you may be or have been, there is hope. Read this first, then reach out for help. Find a telephone helpline near you with this global directory, or if you prefer not to use a phone, find international crisis chat and other online services through Online Suicide Help.

Learn more about World Suicide Prevention Day September 10,2014, and the many activities happening around the world.



Producer: Leicester, Leicestershire, and Rutland Suicide Audit and Prevention Group Featuring: Paul
Format: Flash Date: 10/09/14
Length: 00:02:52  
Video Link:
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Is There a Biological Basis of Depression?

By Sandra Kiume

A look at what neuroscience has learned about depression. Is there a biological basis?

Far more complex than a “chemical imbalance,” this short animated video does its best to simplify scientific knowledge about the brain for the public. Packed with information, it’s a comprehensive overview.


Producer: ASAPscience Featuring: n/a
Format: Flash Date: 18/08/14
Length: 00:03:45  
Video Link:
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Are Eating Disorders Racist? And Other Questions for Kati Morton

By Sandra Kiume

Therapist Kati Morton answers questions from her Tumblr readers, in a YouTube video.

First, she talks about forgetting to talk about issues with your therapist during your appointment and ways to help remember, with helpful tips.

The second question is, “Are eating disorders racist? …I don’t believe I can have one, because I’m African-American.” Kati replies that mental illness doesn’t discriminate, and that she’s had African-American clients struggling with eating disorders.

The third question asks about switching therapists. Kati asks what work have you done on your own? If you’re trying maybe it’s not working and look around.

She then goes on to discuss a journal topic. A peppy and informative video update, follow her YouTube channel for many more.

Producer: Kati Morton Featuring: Kati Morton
Format: Flash Date: 05/08/14
Length: 00:06:13  
Video Link:
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Headspace: Mental, Physical, and Social Health for Youth

By Sandra Kiume

Since 2006, Australia’s Headspace program for youth mental health has opened service centres across the country offering physical, mental, social, and addiction care.

They’ve achieved a 93% satisfaction rate among nearly 100,000 youth.

The model is now expanding to Canada. Learn more about the approach in this short whiteboard animation video from UBC.


Producer: UBC One Minute Medical School Featuring: n/a
Format: Flash Date: 06/14/14
Length: 00:02:33  
Video Link:
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Romantic Chemistry

By Sandra Kiume

Highlights from a talk by Larry Young about the brain chemistry of love.

From bonded-for-life prairie voles to human partnerships, chemistry plays a role in romantic attraction and staying with a mate. Lessons from research into the science of love may be useful for other applications in psychiatric conditions, including autism spectrum disorders.

An animated short excerpt from a presentation at the Brain Matters! conference held in Vancouver, BC in March, 2014.

Producer: National Core for Neuroethics Featuring: Larry Young
Format: Flash Date: 23/07/14
Length: 00:06:09  
Video Link:
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