Golfer Peter Lawrie Blames Soda Addiction for Struggles

By Jeanne Croteau • 1 min read

Not long ago, when people talked about addiction, our minds immediately assumed that drugs or alcohol must be involved but, nowadays, things are a little different. Sugar has become such a huge part of the American diet that people are struggling to deal with their consumption. Indeed, we have learned that there are addictive properties to sugar and sweet drinks such as soda are all too common in our society.

If you follow golf, specifically the European Tour, you will be familiar with the name Peter Lawrie. The Irishman was a staple on the circuit but has dropped from 161st to 900th in the Official World Golf Ranking over the last two years and the explanation for this change may surprise you.

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Hollywood’s Fascination with Fifty Shades of Grey

By Jeanne Croteau • 2 min read

In just a few days, the film adaptation of the wildly popular novel, Fifty Shades of Grey, will hit theaters and I can’t help but take a moment to really appreciate the phenomenon. Not only has the book (and its two sequels) done incredibly well but it seems to have sparked somewhat of a sexual revolution and awakening among women. It’s worth noting, however, that many men have picked up a copy and even Doctor Oz dedicated an entire episode to the book.Bdsm Toys

Of course, the hype hasn’t escaped the Hollywood crowd with many celebrities expressing their love for Fifty Shades but what is it that has everyone so captivated?

Radio and television personality, Ryan Seacrest, feels like the book has had educational value.  In an interview, he admitted: “I’m obsessed. I’m past the bathtub scene, so I’m making progress. It’s fascinating to see something like that capture the zeitgeist and also it’s really interesting to read… And I’m using it as a manual. I think it can be a study book for a lot of people… Parts of it can be a workbook.”

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Brady Bunch Actress Reveals Addiction, Emotional Struggles in Memoir

By Jeanne Croteau • 1 min read

It’s sadly common to learn that, behind the scenes of some of our favorite family shows, pain and turmoil was hidden just beneath the surface. In the years since the final episode of The Brady Bunch, actress, Maureen McCormick, has been vocal about how much she struggled silently during her years portraying Marcia Brady but now she has chosen to share on a deeply intimate level.

In a new memoir titled, Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice, 58-year-old McCormick opened up about her eating disorder, cocaine addiction, abortions, trading sex for drugs and the devastating death of her grandmother from syphilis.

Fans of the hit sitcom will know that this behavior is very different from her character on the show – Marcia never seemed to have a real care in the world whereas McCormick’s battles with addiction began when she was just 18.

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Bruce Jenner’s Transition Will Be Documented on Reality Series

By Jeanne Croteau • 1 min read

For a while, people have been commenting on Bruce Jenner’s changing physical appearance. Since his split from most recent ex-wife, Kris Jenner, he has been spotted with longer hair, fuller lips and manicures. While speculation has definitely been rampant, PEOPLE magazine is confirming the rumors that he is transitioning into a woman.Bruce Jenner at the  'Keeping Up with the Kardashians/The Spin C

Jenner first rose to fame as an Olympian after he won the gold medal in the decathlon at the 1976 Summer Games in Montreal. He became a national hero and, among other things, appeared on boxes of Wheaties, went to the White House to meet President Gerald Ford and appeared in the films Can’t Stop the Music (1980) and Jack and Jill (2011), both of which won Golden Raspberry Awards for Worst Picture.

The first real speed bump Jenner faced was in the mid-1980s when he decided to have plastic surgery. On an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians (on which he starred with his then wife, Kris, and their daughters), he explained that the surgeon “botched” the procedure and the fallout took a toll on his self-esteem.  Afterwards, his popularity began to wane partially because people stopped recognizing him.

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Whitney Houston’s Daughter Bobbi Kristina in Medically Induced Coma

By Jeanne Croteau • 2 min read

Bobbi Kristina, the daughter of singers Bobby Brown and the late Whitney Houston, was found unresponsive in a bathtub in her Georgia home. The news is particularly chilling since it conjures up memories of how her mother died almost three years ago.

Police were called to the home on Saturday morning after Brown’s husband, Nick Gordon, and a friend found her face down. They immediately started CPR as they waited for help to arrive. According to the Roswell Police Department, rescue personnel began “life-saving measures” after they arrived at 10:25am. The 21-year-old began breathing on her own and was taken to North Fulton Hospital. CNN has reported that she is in a medically induced coma in an effort to control swelling in the brain.

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Did Scientology Make Tom Cruise Ditch Nicole Kidman?

By Jeanne Croteau • 2 min read

LOS ANGELES - JUN 08:  TOM CRUISE arrives to the "Rock of Ages"It’s been a long time since Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman divorced but, back in 2001, the split was so sudden, shocking and mysterious that the lingering curiosity is understandable. Recently, more details have begun to emerge and, if any of it is true, it’s very sad.

Marie Claire published a story about an upcoming documentary, Going Clear, which is being described as an exposé on the Church of Scientology. The man behind the film, Alex Gibney, makes some shocking claims about the downfall of Cruise and Kidman’s marriage and, so far, no one has refuted them.

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Jian Ghomeshi -His Antics -And Me

By Laura Bzowy • 2 min read

Canadians have been rocked by a sex scandal this week. Beloved radio and tv host/journalist Jian Ghomeshi was fired by the CBC because of his sexual antics. Faced with being outed by an ex-girlfriend regarding his sexual preferences (BDSM) he decided to take a leave of absence from his show Q, and after it was announced by the CBC that they were parting ways with Ghomeshi, he took to his Facebook page and tried to explain himself. You can read what he has to say here.    Jian Ghomeshi

I am not here judge Mr Ghomeshi, I don’t know him personally, and to be honest I don’t understand what is happening. But 9 women have now come forward, 2 of these woman have told their stories publicly, that Jian Ghomeshi hit them, choked them, pulled their hair, and bruised them in violent sexual acts. Actually I just lied to you. I completely judge Jian Ghomeshi. I don’t know him at all. I did listen to his program, and I found him to be educated, intelligent, culturally aware, informative, and enjoyable. But now when I think about him, I find him to be monstrous.

I am the first one to tell you, that I do not understand adult situations very well. As a child, I was sexually abused in an incredibly degrading and humiliating way, and while I have never repressed these memories, my mind has never let me evolve or mature in a way where I could understand these types of desires. I would rather watch Scooby Doo or read novels alone than date. Its not healthy way to live your life, so I do try to go out occasionally. But you can probably imagine that I would rather self destruct than have to understand what is happening with this, and you would totally be right.

Private time between two people should be between two people, two consenting people. This is what Jian Ghomeshi is telling the world. That his encounters with these women were consensual- and well thought out, which included safe words. If this is indeed true than I should not judge him, just because I disagree with his behaviour. But women are coming forward to talk about being abused by him. His employer found just cause to fire him for these actions – and I can only assume it had more to do than just the potential harming of the brand. His crisis management team has left him. From the looks of things, the only thing Jian Ghomeshi has left, is his law suit for 50 million dollars against the CBC.

But I want to talk about the women for a moment. These women who are making these claims (some now publicly). If what they are saying is true, these women are brave. And they should could be encouraged to come forward. It is so difficult to admit to being a part of humiliating acts, but by coming forward they are taking ownership and control. Which is so important. Furthermore, they are opening up a dialogue about abuse. There is a difference between kinky acts, and the claims against Ghomeshi. By coming forward they are not only helping themselves in the long run, but are helping a whole lot of others. They are  creating awareness. And I for one would like to thank these women for standing up for themselves -and for other women.

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10 Things I Will Do To Improve My Own Mental Health

By Laura Bzowy • 1 min read

shutterstock_97047332I have had a tumultuous year, and because of this I have let my own mental health slide quite a bit while I adjust to new surroundings. Since its World Mental Health Day, I have decided to sit up and take notice of what I have and haven’t been doing, and make some changes. Some big changes and some not so big ones. Mental Health is such an important topic, and I am always discussing it, and yet I am really guilty of neglecting my own.  This changes today.

Here is a list of things that I am going to start doing immediately:

  • Put myself on a sleep schedule – I don’t sleep. And I am always exhausted, and because of that I tend to misinterpret things that are said to me.
  • Make a greater effort to meet people, and make some friends in my new city. Loneliness does not help one’s own mental health issues.
  • I am going to work on not cringing when someone hugs me. I can’t stand to be hugged, or touched. Really the only type of affection I can handle is a soft touch high-five! – This is going to change.
  • Introduce the word “yet” into my every day vernacular. As in “I am not able to do this yet”, instead of giving up – Im going to keep on trying until said task is mastered.
  • Start thinking of myself as a whole person, and not shards of broken glass.
  • Breathe – inhale and exhale, slowly and evenly. I’m going to work on this during moments of anxiety.
  • I will start saying yes to invites and events, instead of backing out at the last minute due to illness or anxiety.
  • Practice better judgement with people – I am slowly learning to trust people, and I would like to explore this more. But cautious practice is needed here.
  • Distance myself from media and social triggers that cause me pain.
  • I will smile more.

It is no longer acceptable for me to be depressed, when there isn’t really a whole lot of reason to be. And so I will commit myself to making these changes.

Like everything else, it is easier to make changes in your life – when there are other people doing the same kind of thing. So if anyone is interested in joining me in a kind of “let’s support each other” group (not a support group) – leave a comment, and list some of the things you would like to work on.  And we can make a promise to ourselves, and each other to stay on track.

What do you say –  are you with me?
I blog for World Mental Health Day

Women hugging image available from Shutterstock.

Actor Stephen Collins Accused of Sexual Assault

By Laura Bzowy • 2 min read



Stephen Collins, film and TV actor confesses on tape in a therapy session, to sexually abusing at least three girls over a period of several years (let me clarify here, that by abusing I am referring to exposing himself and touching the children-or having them touch him). His confession was taped by his wife, unknowingly to him or his therapist. It has now become a topic about extortion.

He admitted to sexually assaulting children, and now the topic has turned into how his soon to be ex-wife was extorting money from him so she wouldn’t make his admission public. Is anyone thinking about the children (now adult women) that he has hurt? Because these girls are the victims, not Stephen Collins and not Faye Grant.

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I Should Have Seen This Coming

By Laura Bzowy • 2 min read

I got blindsided. And I should have seen this coming. But I missed all the warning signs. And there have been plenty. I am depressed.
I’ve been depressed before, but this time it snuck up on me. And bit me while I was sleeping.

At the beginning of this year, I moved to a new city. I left all of my friends behind, and a scene that wasn’t really working for me – and packed a couple of boxes and gave away everything else, and started over. I thought it would be exciting. A fresh start. Except I didn’t think about what it would be like to live in a city, where the only person I knew, would be the person I would be working for. And I have had the hardest time meeting people.

So now, it’s 10 months later. And other than the people I work with, I don’t have any friends here. I work way too much. Seriously between a full time job, a part time gig teaching lessons and making up stories, and writing the occasional blog post, I work about 72-80 hours a week.

This morning, I woke up late-ish (for me), reheated a cup of yesterday’s coffee, sat on the sofa and binge watched a whole lot of tv programs that wouldn’t normally interest me. And have been unable to eat anything except for tootsie rolls, which were being saved for Halloween.

It’s occurred to me that I could just be tired. Surely exhaustion would make someone feel like this. But I have no drive. No desire to get some fresh air. I have no one to call and go out for coffee with. And all of these thoughts make me feel worse. I work a lot, but for what? To go on a fabulous vacation? No. I work to pay off credit cards and other bills. I love teaching. Really Im crazy about it. But lately, it hasn’t been making a whole lot of sense to me. It’s losing the colour. Everything is turning into various shades of grey.

I am tired. Very very tired. The fact that I am able to go to work and show up at my appointments is from a sense of duty – and not anything else. Anxiety has plagued me for months, and while I attributed it to not knowing anyone in a strange city, it doesn’t ever leave. I am anxious always, at work, while teaching, when I am in my apartment, and when I am outside walking. Its a presence that I would like to do without.

I wish I could tell you this is a once in awhile kind of feeling. But honestly, its been like this for a really long time, I just wasn’t really aware of how bad its become until today.

I left my home, because I desperately wanted to find some happiness. But I am finding that happiness is elusive. And I am right at the point where I have been thinking that I don’t deserve to be happy. That I have caused a whole lot of bad stuff to happen to me. And the more these thoughts come at me – the harder it is to crawl out from under the safety of my blankets.

** There is no photo to accompany this blog post today  -because I couldn’t find one that didn’t make me feel like I was being smothered.


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