I have an idea. Let’s not assume every single person who overdoses on drugs is trying to kill himself.

We can even take it a step further and, oh, I don’t know, avoid reporting such suicide attempts as news, too.

Late last month, the ridiculously hot (sorry) Jonathan Rhys Meyers (The Tudors, From Paris With Love) was rushed to Central London hospital after being found slumped over on his floor. Paramedics were called, but it took police backup to escort the uncooperative Meyers to the hospital. Apparently, the 33-year-old actor (who’s had substance abuse problems and completed rehabs in the past) had overdosed.

Immediately, The Sun ran a story about the “suspected suicide attempt.”

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Suicide Attempt Reports: When The Media Jumps The Gun

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  1. Since I’m quite cynical, I disagree with you on how this Jonathan Rhys Meyers story played out. His “drug” of choice has been alcohol, so to have overdosed on pills, that seems like a suicide attempt. And I think that by them saying it’s not an attempt, after it was reported as being one, they are falling back on the whole “suicide is bad” stigma. Either way, I hope he’s getting help and he sticks to sobriety!

  2. @ Kristina – Thanks for chiming in :) That’s a good point about the alcohol vs. pills; rather than cynical, I think you’re just looking at the “facts” as we know them. Most of the articles I read for this post indeed referred to his preference for alcohol (& the trouble it’s gotten him in). At least one did refer to other drug use in the past (The Hollywood Reporter), but that does seem to hide out in the shadows created by the alcohol abuse.

  3. Richard Jeni was a comedian who killed himself a few years ago.

    If you actually really listened to Richard Jeni’s comedy you could tell he was capable of suicidal depression.

    I had the same intuitive conclusion about Greg Giraldo as I had had about Richard Jeni. When Giraldo killed himself with drugs, his family rushed to say it wasn’t suicide. I’m so sorry for them, I am, but Giraldo’s death walked, talked and quacked like a suicide.

    Don’t pay ANY attention to what the “press” says. They have no interest in anything except circulation and ratings. They can be counted on to lie. They are story tellers, not truth tellers.

  4. @ psychreader:

    “Don’t pay ANY attention to what the “press” says. They have no interest in anything except circulation and ratings. They can be counted on to lie. They are story tellers, not truth tellers.”

    Unfortunately, this is too often true. Thanks for stopping by with your thoughts :)

  5. Thank You for the article; ANYONE who struggles with addiction can have issues with ANY DRUG. I have been in rehabs- first one @15 years old; Just because I don’t OD on my “drug of choice” ( as the press would indicate alcohol was this man’s)doesn’t mean I wasn’t looking for the same “high” or “numb”. Sometimes you use what you can get! I am glad I am not in the public eye- addiction and associated mental health issues need to be treated with respect and privacy given to the person to see gain ( why else are all the programs ‘anon’??)

    The only person who can say if ANY overdose was a suicide attempt is the person who took the medication ( and if THEY can’t clearly say it was who is anyone else to make assumtions?)

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