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Rihanna Might Head to Love Rehab

Might as well face it, you're addicted to love!

OK, so some of my younger readers not get that reference (and if you don't, here you go), but according to Grazia Daily, our beloved Rihanna might be addicted to love--specifically, Chris Brown's love.

(If you'll remember, Rihanna and Chris Brown began dating in 2006, but split up after Brown assaulted her after a pre-Grammy party in 2009. Since then, their on-again, off-again relationship has been a roller coaster of restraining orders, anger management, probation appearances, and tense media interviews.)

Reportedly, Rihanna is considering spending a six-week break from her current Diamonds World Tour getting some relationship and sexual recovery, or what the media are referring to as love therapy and love rehab.


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David Arquette And Courtney Cox Plan New Comedy Together

Glad David Arquette didn't get bumped off "Dancing With the Stars" last week?

Well, you might get to see even more of him.

According to's Michael Ausiello, via their production company Coquette Productions, Arquette and his soon-to-be (I'm guessing; they seem to spend more time together than another estranged couple I know) ex-wife Courtney Cox are working on a new show together.

The tentatively titled "10 Years" will be a comedy that "explores the ups and downs of relationships across a group of friends, spanning 10 years."

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Lindsay Lohan Drops Last Name, Seeks Fresh Start

I'm guessing she can't get an official "fresh start" until the matter of the felony grand theft charge is taken care of, but to help get that New Beginning Ball rolling, Lindsay Lohan is joining the ranks of Madonna, Beyonce, and Cher, and


As in, just Lindsay. No more Lohan. No more LiLo. She's dropping her last name (and, according to , years and years of Irish heritage) as a way to "start...
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It Might Be A Rumor, But: Katy Perry Seeks Marriage Counseling

It might be a rumor, but I hear Katy Perry and Russell Brand could be headed for marriage counseling.

Unlike the dissolving marriage of Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz, there's not yet any concrete evidence to make this anything more than a rumor.

OK! Magazine thinks certain recent tweets of Perry's might contradict the rumor. Also, Perry gave the world a few glimpses of her wedding videos last night during her Grammys performance, which could go several ways (maybe she's trying to combat rumors? maybe she's trying to reconnect with Brand?).

Still, Life & Style reports an insider claims Perry is asking for marriage counselor recommendations.

If it's true, there's some comfort in the mention of marriage counseling, i.e. the two aren't just throwing in the towel after only a few months of being married. There's a lot to be said for that.

Are you, or have you ever been, married? Do you have any experience with marriage counseling (or wish that you did)? What advice or words to ponder would you offer the celebrity newlyweds?

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