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Padma Lakshmi Owns Her History, Reveals Paternity Confusion

Padma Lakshmi has long been considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. In addition to being blessed with incredibly good looks, she’s shown how smart, strong and successful she is over the years. Since 2006, she has served as the host of the reality cooking show, Top Chef, and earned many fans in the process.

Right as she was rising in popularity, her marriage ended and, several years later, she became pregnant. Fans wondered who had fathered her child but she never addressed the situation publicly. In her recently released memoir, Loss, Love, and What We Ate, she admits that, for a time, she didn’t name her baby’s father because she didn’t know.

Divorce and Fertility Struggles

After five years of living with controversial novelist, Salmon Rushdie, the pair married on April 17, 2004. Unfortunately, the union did not last long and just three short years later, they filed for divorce. At 37 years old, Lakshmi found herself starting over.

The pair did not have any children. In fact, just a year after their split, Lakshmi was diagnosed with severe endometriosis and told that her chances of conceiving without intervention were very low. She had suffered with the symptoms but had been told by her mother that it was just the suffering that women had to go through.

Despite having ovarian cysts removed years earlier and also needing emergency surgery to remove endometrial tissue that had entangled in her small intestine, no one told Lakshmi that she had the condition. She believes that, had she been told earlier, she would have had more time to address the issue.

Dating Two Men

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“Pawn Stars” Favorite Chumlee Arrested on Weapon and Drug Charges

Pawn Stars has been a hit for the History Channel since it debuted in 2009 and a big part of their allure has been fan-favorite, Austin Lee Russell, otherwise known as Chumlee. The long-haired, bearded beanie-wearing staple gained notoriety for his unintentional humor, laid-back demeanor, and his, seemingly, innocent outlook on life.

Although, he is often teased by the other men in the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, it is clear that they, like viewers, are very fond of Russell. It was a bit of a shock, therefore, when his recent arrest made headlines.

Drug and Weapon Charges

On March 9, 2016, Russell was arrested on felony weapon and drug charges. Police were at his home in southwest Las Vegas as part of a sexual assault investigation. While he was not arrested as part of those allegations, the 33-year-old was taken into custody after a search of the premises uncovered, at least, one gun, marijuana and methamphetamine.

In all, Russell was held at the Clark County Detention Center on one weapon charge and 19 drug-possession charges. His bail was set at $62, 000. No statements have been issued by the History Channel.

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Josh Duggar Returns Home After 6 Months in Rehab

It’s hard to believe but it’s already been six months since Josh Duggar entered rehab. Regardless of anyone’s opinion, the nature of his problems, and his subsequent absence, must have been especially hard on his wife and children.

The Scandal

Last summer, a number of revelations shocked longtime fans of the Duggar family and their TLC show, 19 Kids and Counting. Once a member of a family associated with Christian values and outstanding morals, the struggles of Michelle and Jim Bob’s eldest son, Josh, became the subject of public scrutiny.

First came the news that, as a teenager, Josh had sexually molested several girls, including his sisters, Jill and Jessa. The family admitted that the abuse had occurred but insisted that he had received the psychological and emotional care he needed and that they had all moved on and forgiven him.

Just as it seemed like things were settling down, activist group, Anonymous, released the names of people who had subscriptions to Ashley Madison, a website dedicated to helping married men and women commit adultery. Josh Duggar was found to have two paid accounts.

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Lex McAllister is Second Suicide from Jake’s Season of “The Bachelor”

Last month, Bachelor Nation fans were shocked and saddened by another loss. Former contestant, Alexa (Lex) McAllister, was found dead from an apparent suicide. Her family was left reeling after the loss but they found the strength to open up about the tragedy.

Josh McAllister, Lex’s brother, told Entertainment Tonight: "Our family has been blessed with so much support. So many people have reached out to tell us what Lex meant to them. We believe Lexi was an amazingly bright star and her shine could only light the world for so long. The number of people she touched at 31 is more than some people touch in a lifetime."

It’s definitely helpful to find something positive in an otherwise devastating situation. It’s great that the family is getting some much-needed support during this understandably difficult time.

Lingering Questions

"Her death brings up questions that we as a family are still working to find answers to," Josh continued. "I hope others learn from the tragic way she came to pass. We as a family had no idea Lexi was at a point in her life that this would happen. The hope is to one day have a foundation in her name so everyone can remember her as a great story, and not just a tragic ending. Anybody can be suffering, mental illness is often looked at as taboo and people don't speak out."

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Kristen Stewart Wishes She Could “Let Go” and “Dance”

Audiences first became familiar with Kristen Stewart in her younger years in movies such as Panic Room and Zathura. Her career really took off, however, when she was cast as Bella Swan in the film adaptations of the Twilight book series. Often criticized for being stony-faced or even boring, most who defended her simply assumed that the actress was happy living a more quiet and subdued existence. In an interview with AnOther magazine, she made it clear that she wishes she could live more out loud too.

“Dance Like No One’s Watching”

We’ve all heard the term “dance like no one’s watching” but how many of us ever expected to hear it come from Kristen Stewart’s mouth? The 25-year-old said: "I wish I would dance like nobody was watching. I danced the other night, and it felt so [expletive] good and it's so not like me. I envy people like that so much. I'm pretty physical, but I really need to let myself go. Honestly, I just wish I could [expletive] dance more. That's all."

The desire has become so strong, in fact, that the actress judges potential friendships on her belief that she could “jive and dance” with someone. Again, she reiterated during the interview: "I wanna [expletive] dance."

Life in Hollywood

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Terry Crews Shares Battle With Porn Addiction

Actor, Terry Crews, shared a difficult revelation recently but it’s one that could affect many, many lives. Known for his funny, vibrant personality and incredibly impressive physique, Crews has been lauded as an ideal man, by many. For this reason, his confession about his porn addiction is brave and important.

Pornography Confession

The former NFL player posted three videos on his Facebook page and called the series “Dirty Little Secrets.” Considering how light-hearted and comedic his clips usually are, it was a surprise to see him get so candid about something so serious.

While filming himself in his car, he began the recording by saying: “For years, years, years, my dirty little secret was that I was addicted to pornography. It really, really messed up my life in a lot of ways.” Sadly, many men (and women) can relate.

He explained that his obsession with viewing sexually explicit material began when he was just 12-years-old and continued on into adulthood. It got so bad, in fact, that it threatened his marriage. He explained: “I had the biggest sense of entitlement ever. I felt the world owed me something. I felt like my wife owed me sex.”

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Stalker Has Left Erin Andrews a “Shell” of Former Self

Erin Andrews has been known among sports fans for years. She first gained real fame and notoriety as the co-host of College GameDay on ESPN and even served as a contributor for Good Morning America. These days, she can be seen hosting FOX College Football and Dancing with the Stars. While it might appear that she’s happy and successful, her father wants everyone to know that things aren’t always what they seem.

Nude Video

In 2008, the world got a more intimate glimpse of Andrews when Michael David Barrett, then 46, filmed the television personality through peepholes in her room at the Nashville Marriott and at Milwaukee’s Radisson Airport Hotel. The following year, a video of a totally nude Andrews was leaked online and, of course, it went viral.

Barrett was arrested by the FBI for interstate stalking and, ultimately, pleaded guilty to the charges. In 2010, he was sentenced to 30 months in jail, three years of probation, $5,000 in fines and $7,366 in restitution. He finished serving his time at the Seattle Community Corrections Facility in 2012.

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“Bachelor” Chris Soules Taking a Break from Dating

We first met Chris Soules on the 10th season of The Bachelorette when he was vying for the affections of Andi Dorfman. He made it all the way to third place and became a fan favorite. It was no surprise, therefore, that he was chosen to be the next Bachelor. Viewers were hopeful that the sensitive farmer would find love but, unfortunately, things didn’t work out in the end.

When it came down to it, Soules had two women left - Whitney Bischoff and Becca Tilley. It seemed like the chemistry and natural fit was stronger with Becca but her own hesitation (compounded by the fact that she admitted to never having been in love) and need to take things slow made her a poor fit for the rapid schedule of the show.

In the end, Soules picked Bischoff who regularly exclaimed that she was more than ready to get married and start a family. In fact, viewers sometimes commented on the fact that she almost seemed desperate. It felt like he picked the contestant who would agree to get married after knowing each other for such a short time, just to satisfy the producers of the show and, maybe, his mother.

After The Bachelor was over, Soules was invited to compete on Dancing with the Stars and there were loud rumblings about the fact that Bischoff seemed jealous of his dance partner. Further, they appeared to be having relationship problems. They downplayed the rumors but, just about nine months ago, they ended their engagement. Now Soules is talking about what went wrong and he’s making it more personal than you might expect.

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Ryan Reynolds Discusses Complicated Relationship with Late Father

It’s been a big weekend for Ryan Reynolds. His new movie, Deadpool, performed way better than expected and blew away the competition at the box-office. This is just the latest triumph in a happy time in the actor’s life. He and his wife, actress Blake Lively, became parents to daughter, James, last year and have taken up country living to escape the stresses associated with city life. Unfortunately, Reynolds suffered a personal loss that has been difficult to process.

Father’s Death

Last October, James C. Reynolds, lost his long-term battle with Parkinson’s Disease. He was 74 years old. In an interview with People, the Canadian star opened up about the death. He explained: "My dad left a lot of unanswered questions. Unless I can find a very upscale Ouija board, I have to accept there'll be no answers. Our relationship never really mirrored the father-son dynamic I envied watching '80s sitcoms but, in the end, it found its own version of closure in peace."

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