So, I got to meet Boyd Tinsley last Saturday night.


Some of you might know him from an awesome little group called Dave Matthews Band and, if you do (and you’ve been reading this blog for a while), you know how obsessed I am with DMB.

I don’t play favorites, but if I did, Boyd and Dave would be it. I just love Boyd, for reasons irrelevant to this post so I’ll spare you, so this was a huge deal for me.

Anyway, Boyd Tinsley was in town for the screening of his film “Faces In The Mirror” at the 10th Anniversary of the Appalachian Music Festival. FITM is a sort of introspective film that follows one man’s “odyssey” after he buries his absentee father. The film is set to music and, as the synopsis suggests, it is “a film that’s not only meant to be seen, it’s meant to be experienced.”

It’s definitely an experience, and I recommend it if you enjoy artistic films.

At the end of “Faces In The Mirror,” Boyd held a Q&A session. Questions ranged from the obvious (“How did you come up with the idea for the movie?”) to the unrelated (“How has DMB shaped who you are as a person?”), and Boyd was patient, encouraging, and gracious with his answers.

During one answer, Boyd (who had a tendency to wander off on entertaining tangents) started talking specifically about his experiences in life — how DMB formed and prospered, his decision to make the movie and all that entailed, his travels — and eventually paused to laugh and say:

My life is a f*****g adventure. There’s both good stuff and bad stuff, but it’s a definitely an adventure.

The crowd laughed and cheered, and Boyd went on to say all sorts of things that evoked the same response, but this particular sentence stuck with me; more than the sentence, the idea — the reality — that life truly is an adventure.

Life is an adventure for all of us. Whether we’re dealing with the “good stuff” or the “bad stuff,” the stuff is there, and navigating our way through it to live the best, most fulfilling lives we can, is absolutely fascinating.

How many of you are living an adventure right now? What kinds of “good stuff” and “bad stuff” have you enjoyed and worked through in your adventure? How has it all helped shape your life and who you are?



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    Last reviewed: 15 Apr 2013

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