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“Mom, You’re A Junkie!” Explaining the Disease of Addiction to Children

A couple of weeks ago during the Mob Wives Season 3 premiere, Renee Graziano admitted to her friends (sure, I use that word loosely) that she's struggling with addiction.

Then, during last week's episode, the VH-1 reality star sat down with AJ (her teenage son with ex-husband and mobster Junior Pagan) to talk with him about her problem with substance abuse and her decision to go to an addiction treatment center.

Ultimately, AJ told his mother he'd support her in whatever she did to get better; if you watch much of the show, you know AJ reacts to most things like a frustrated, still going-through-some-growing-pains teenager, but eventually he always comes around to his mom's side.

Thus, his initial reaction to Renee's addiction was definitely that of someone who hadn't been properly educated about alcohol and drug addiction.

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Everyday Folk

Online Dating: 7 Ways to Protect Yourself Against Getting Hurt

In light of the recent Manti Te'o Fake Dead Girlfriend scandal, I thought now'd be a good time to talk about some ways you can stay safe during online dating.

After all, it's 2013, and online dating isn't the uncommon, semi-taboo thing it used to be in the past.

Everyday people meet others on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter as well as online dating sites like Match and eHarmony, and sometimes romantic relationships begin.

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Nothing Funny About Manti Te’o and His Fake Dead Girlfriend

So, by now you've probably heard about Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o and his Fake Dead Girlfriend.

I wish I was writing this post because I had some sort of answer or way of making sense of it, but I don't. Like a lot of people, I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the situation.

One thing I do know is that I don't think there's anything funny about any of it.

While it might feel like it all happened at once, what recently came to light as a hoax actually started years ago.

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Weekend Reading: Dr. George Drinka Tackles the Role of Media in Health

Happy Friday, readers!

If you have children, grandchildren, or nieces and nephews, you might be especially interested in what Dr. George Drinka has to say about the role media plays in today's family dynamic, and, how it's affecting our children's health.

Dr. Drinka, a child psychiatrist who's on the clinical faculty of the Oregon Health Sciences University and has a private practice in Portland, is the author of the upcoming When the Media Is the Parent, a book geared toward educating parents about the role media plays in our children's lives.

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Reactions to Jodie Foster’s Golden Globe ‘Coming Out’ Speech Vary

Although she seems to have been openly gay in her private life for years, Jodie Foster has only recently publicly came out, in some quasi-official capacity.

Recently, as in last Sunday night at the Golden Globes.

Foster, who just turned 50 and is perhaps best known for films like The Silence of the Lambs and Maverick, was honored with the Cecille B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement. During her acceptance speech she talked a lot about her career and family

However, while reactions to celebrities coming out publicly are generally pretty enthusiastic, not all reactions to Foster's speech have been as favorable.

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‘Mob Wives’ Star Renee Graziano: “I’m Not a Junkie; I’m an Addict”

Any Mob Wives fans in the audience?

If you're one of them, you probably caught last week's Season 3 premiere and weren't surprised when you spent the hour listening to the women talk trash with, to, and for each other.

Just another day in Staten Island, yes?

However, if you don't keep up with the Mafia celebrities' goings on in between seasons, then you did get one surprise last week: Renee Graziano announced she was addicted to pills and seeking rehab.

The announcement came during a sit down posing as an afternoon brunch. Peacemakers Angela "Big Ang" Raiola and Drita D'Avanzo thought the sit down would be a good, neutral place for feuding Renee and Carla Facciolo, to make peace.

The meeting was anything but peaceful, though, and after Carla called Renee a "junkie" for what felt like the millionth time, Renee finally (and surprisingly calmly) replied that she wasn't a "junkie," but an "addict" who needed help.

The girls looked stunned.

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10 Celebrity Quotes On Simplicity, Strength, and Self-Reliance

Happy Monday, readers!

How's your 2013 treating you so far? Are you back to work or school? Are you kicking butt at your New Year's resolutions (or...are they kicking your butt?!)?

As some of the long-time Celebrity Psychings readers know, I'm a bit of a quotes fan. Being that this blog is celebrity and mental health oriented, I like posting celebrity quotes about life, love, emotions, and other everyday matters.

(SEE: 15 Celebrity Quotes for Love, Laughter, and Life)

So, check out these 10 celebrity quotes and see if you can find one or two to muse on as you make your way through 2013!

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