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New Bonnie Raitt Album Helps The Singer-Songwriter Heal

The past few years have been pretty tough on Bonnie Raitt.

Not only did she lose both of her parents (pretty much back-to-back), but also her brother Steve, who lost his battle with brain cancer in 2009.

The bluesy singer-songwriter, perhaps best known (commercially, at least) for her hits "Something To Talk About" and "I Can't Make You Love Me," decided it was time to "get off that treadmill" once producer Joe Henry invited her to start recording in his basement studio.
The sessions were so inspiring that I fell back in love with music and got my appetite for it back again. It was healing. (Rolling Stone)
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Weekend Reading: Get To Know The DBSA Celebrity Authors

Earlier this week, I introduced you to the new DBSA Celebrity Honorary Advisory Board.

Several of the board members are award-winning authors, and while I haven't had the chance to check out any of their books yet, fellow Psych Central blogger Margarita Tartakovsky of Weightless has read Kay Redfield Jamison's and Marya Hornbacher's memoirs and enjoyed them both.

So, I thought now would be a great time to get to know these DBSA celebrity authors a little better and maybe check out their works!

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How NOT To React To Cyber Bullies: Lessons From Nickelback

I think I'm one of three people I know who does not actively hate Nickelback.

(Yes, I carefully chose each word in that sentence.)

For whatever reason, people loathe Nickelback.

Really, it doesn't make any sense to me. The band manages to rack up tons of award nominations and wins (the guys have even won "World's Best Selling Rock Artist," for pete's sake), but I guess there are more people out there who despise the group than there are fans, and those who despise Nickelback make no secret about it.

Well, Nickelback finally lashed back.

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Celebrities Unlimited By Mental Illness: DBSA Advisory Board

The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) ended 2011 - or began 2012, depending on how you look at it - with a pretty exciting event:

The launch of the organizations new Celebrity Honorary Advisory Board.

According to the official announcement, the goal behind creating the Celebrity Honorary Advisory Board is to connect with and learn from others who live with mental illness.

Says DBSA Board Chair-elect Lucinda Jewel:

All of the members of our Honorary Advisory Board exemplify that people living with mental health conditions can and do live extraordinary lives unlimited by a diagnosis.

The board consists of:

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Charlie Sheen Says He’s Not “Crazy” Anymore

Well, I would've never called him "crazy" to begin with (stigma people, stigma!) but Charlie Sheen definitely - and very publicly - dealt with some serious mental health problems.

After all the winning, questionable in-house rehab treatment, and radio rants, Sheen made one of his first calm and collected appearances back in September 2011 at the Emmys.

Now, Sheen's coming out to say those "crazy" days are behind him.

During the Fox Network Television Critics Association party in Pasadena, California a couple of Sundays ago, Sheen said:

I'm not crazy anymore. That was an episode. I think I'm a different person than I was yesterday. Everything is a lot more mellow and focused and much more rooted in reality. (People)

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Sending Well Wishes To Sinead O’Connor

Ah, life. Just when you think things are going well, they take a turn for the worse...and then get okay again.

Just seconds (well, not literally, but pretty soon) after I posted about all the wonderful things going on in Sinead O'Connor's life right now, things went downhill.

Way downhill.

The Irish singer-songwriter announced she and her new husband were separating, tweeted a call for help after overdosing in Los Angeles (and then attempting suicide a second time once she was back in Ireland), and then reconciled with her husband.
does any1 know a psychiatrist in dublin or wicklow who could urgently see me today please? i'm really un-well... and in danger. (Twitter)
However, at the time of this post (I feel I need to add that disclaimer, given how quickly things change not just in the celebrity realm but in all of our lives), O'Connor is back to being separated from her husband but also has found psychiatric help.

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Weekend Watching: Jersey Shore’s Vinny Opens Up About Anxiety

What up guidos and guidettes!

(Can I get away with saying that? No? Hmm. Ah well.)

If you caught last night's episode of Jersey Shore (or read the title of this post) you probably know what I'm getting ready to talk about.

In a move that shocked and saddened the nation (or, however many people tune in each Thursday night - I only recently became shamelessly obsessed myself) Vinny Guadagnino decided to leave the Jersey Shore for a little while, citing anxiety, depression, and insomnia as the reasons.

I am so proud of him.

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Seth Rogen, Alzheimer’s Association Launch Hilarity For Charity

If you caught The Today Show yesterday, you might've seen actor/comedian Seth Rogen (Knocked Up, Pineapple Express, 50/50) promoting his new event, Hilarity for Charity.

Hilarity for Charity is an awareness and fundraising event for the Alzheimer's Association, a group Rogen has been working with for a few years now (who knew?).

During his Today Show appearance, Rogen cited his mother-in-law's early-onset Alzheimer's as one of the reasons he became involved in advocating awareness of and research for the disease - and, Hilarity for Charity is supposed to reach a younger audience and educate them about how, in one way or another, Alzheimer's can affect us all.

Hilarity for Charity started as a message to my generation that it’s time to step up and realize that Alzheimer’s is not just an ‘old person’ disease, but something that will greatly affect all of us. Having a family member with Alzheimer’s disease has made me aware of the damage it does not only to the person who has been diagnosed, but to the caregivers, friends and family who surround the person. (Crowdrise/Hilarity for Charity)

The event is being held this Friday, January 13, 2012 and in addition to Rogen himself, will feature performances and appearances by Bruno Mars, Paul Rudd, DJ Pauly D, Tenacious D, Judd Apatow, and more.

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Kate Middleton Becomes Patron Of Action On Addiction

As if I needed another reason to love Kate Middleton.

According to a press release fresh from across the pond, the Duchess of Cambridge (a.k.a. Catherine Middleton or "Kate" Middleton) has accepted four honorary positions with charity organizations dear to her heart.

They are:

Patron of Action on Addiction
Royal Patron of East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices
Royal Patron of The Art Room
Patron of the National Portrait Gallery, London

The Duchess’s first Patronages and her volunteer position reflect Her Royal Highness’s personal interests in the arts, the promotion of outdoor activity, and supporting people who are in need of all ages, especially young children. (

Each organization features a piece on its website about Middleton's new involvement, and each one will be formally invited to join The Princes' Charities Forum.

Apparently, the Duchess has already rolled up her sleeves and gotten to work.

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Weekend Reading: How 10 Addicts Replaced Drugs & Alcohol

I've never been addicted to alcohol or drugs, so I can't speak from that level of personal experience.

However, I've had enough addicts in my life to know that once an addict is in recovery, he has a lot of newfound "free" time on his hands - time that used to be spent drinking or using drugs, and time which must now be

...doing what?

How does an addict fill the void that drugs and alcohol...
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