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Contamination, Power, And Truth: Lessons From Charlie Sheen

If you haven't heard by now, one day after announcing Charlie Sheen would return to filming, CBS turned around and stopped production on its Monday night hit, Two and a Half Men.

Reportedly, this hiatus will last until the end of the season, at least, and it seems the final straw (because, there were plenty of reasons up until this point to just flip the off switch for now) was Sheen's most recent (at the date of this writing) radio rant.

As The Huffington Post reported (with an included audio recording), Sheen spent his Thursday appearance on the Alex Jones Radio Show:
[...] touting his mental curing abilities, ninja training, magic fingertips and, most consequentially, ripping "Two and a Half Men" creator Chuck Lorre - whom he later challenged to an ultimate fighting match.
Sheen also referred to Lorre as a "contaminated little maggot" who "can't handle [his] power and [...] truth."

Hmm. Let's talk about contamination, power, and truth, shall we?

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Psych Central Looks At The 2011 Oscar Nominations

In light of the 83rd Annual Academy Awards Ceremony tonight, I thought it'd be fun to go through some of the Oscar nominees who've been mentioned here at Celebrity Psychings or elsewhere within the Psych Central family of blogs.

This isn't an endorsement of any sort (of course I have my picks to win, but this isn't that kind of blog) just a look back at previous goings-on to keep you busy while you wait for the main event.


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Patty Duke To Speak At DBSA 2011 National Conference

In its eUpdate for February 2011, the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) announced it's keynote speakers for the upcoming DBSA 2011 National Conference: Peer Connections.

They are?

Author, advocate, and educator Susan Rose Blauner and...

... actress, advocate, and author Patty Duke!

Neither lady is a stranger to mental illness (obviously).

After surviving multiple suicide attempts, Blauner, who will also be leading the Pre-Conference Institute: Staying Alive from the Inside, went on to deliver several keynotes and workshops, author How I Stayed Alive When My Brain Was Trying to Kill Me which deals with her experiences with depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and borderline personality disorder, and receive the Survivor Achievement Award for Distinguished Creativity and Personal Effort in Suicide Prevention from the
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POLL: Reducing Chris Brown’s Restraining Order: Good Idea?

I doubt they'll be performing together again any time soon (if ever), but it looks like ex-lovebirds Rihanna and Chris Brown might actually hang out in the near future.

If you'll remember, the couple was involved in a domestic violence situation that rocked the music industry and fans a couple of years ago.

Now Rihanna (who's apparently having a big month, what with winning a Grammy for her single "Only Girl In The World" and celebrating her 23rd birthday) has decided to go along with a request to reduce the restraining order against Chris Brown (one that, according to MTV, she never requested in the first place).

Along with numerous other sources,
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Things That Make You Go Hmm: Ke$ha Fan Sends Her A Tooth

Ever feel so overcome by admiration for a particular celebrity that you can't go another day without sending him a gift? Not just any gift, but something that really reflects who you are. Something meaningful. Something significant.

Something that typically needs brushed twice a day and might even rock some bling.

You know, something like a tooth.

Well, if you're a fan of Ke$ha, don't get all bubbly thinking that's a great idea - you might just need to pony over two just to get her attention.

The singer's apparent #1 Fan already sent her one.

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POLL: What Do You Think Of In-Home Rehab Programs?

So...on the subject of celebrities and rehab...

Apparently, Charlie Sheen is completing an in-home rehab.

As in, a rehab program in your home.

If you're feeling a little clueless right now, don't worry: You're not alone.

According to TMZ, he's already passed multiple drug tests since starting the in-home rehab treatment and E! Online reports Sheen claims he's ready to get back to work filming Two and a Half Men.

(Sheen also commented that even though he heals quickly, he also unravels quickly, so the Two and a Half Men crew better get moving now - but perhaps we should save that gem for another post?)

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Update: Billy Joel Reacts To Elton John’s “Tough Love”


After Elton John publicly discussed his concern for friend and tour mate Billy Joel (and John held nothing back, calling Joel's rehab attempts "rehab lite" and hashing through the various things his addictions might be causing such as tour cancellations, illnesses, and lack of song writing) Joel released a statement letting the world know he's not as upset with John as everyone suspected he would be.

In fact, he's simply chalking up John's comments up...well, normal Elton John behavior.
I've enjoyed our relationship too much to let something as random as these comments change my affection for him. Elton is just being Elton.
However, Elton isn't buying it.

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Grammys Shammys: Eminem Is On Fire

D'y'all hear?

Eminem is headlining the 2011 Bonnaroo lineup.

He's also rumored to be at Lollapalooza 2011, though the official Lollapalooza lineup for the festival's 20th Anniversary won't be released until April.

I'm excited about this for two reasons: One, I think I might do 'roo this year, and I'd like to see Eminem. Two, it's just one more reason why the results of last Sunday's Grammy Awards shouldn't be too disappointing.

If you didn't watch the Grammys last Sunday, or keep up with the results in some other way, here's the short of it: Eminem won two Grammys (Best Rap Solo Performance for "Not Afraid" and - hello - Best Rap Album for Recovery).

Sounds great, but considering he was nominated for 10 Grammys, walking away with just two might seem anticlimactic.

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It Might Be A Rumor, But: Katy Perry Seeks Marriage Counseling

It might be a rumor, but I hear Katy Perry and Russell Brand could be headed for marriage counseling.

Unlike the dissolving marriage of Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz, there's not yet any concrete evidence to make this anything more than a rumor.

OK! Magazine thinks certain recent tweets of Perry's might contradict the rumor. Also, Perry gave the world a few glimpses of her wedding videos last night during her Grammys performance, which could go several ways (maybe she's trying to combat rumors? maybe she's trying to reconnect with Brand?).

Still, Life & Style reports an insider claims Perry is asking for marriage counselor recommendations.

If it's true, there's some comfort in the mention of marriage counseling, i.e. the two aren't just throwing in the towel after only a few months of being married. There's a lot to be said for that.

Are you, or have you ever been, married? Do you have any experience with marriage counseling (or wish that you did)? What advice or words to ponder would you offer the celebrity newlyweds?

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