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POLL: Which Celebrity Should Use 2011 As A Mental Health Year?

For 2009, I created my own list of celebrity New Year's resolutions.

For 2010, I shared a link to actual celebrity New Year's resolutions, as well as information for creating your own resolutions.

For 2011, I think we'll do things a bit more interactively.

We've all heard of mental health days, right? Those days when, for the sake of your sanity, you know it's best to stay away from work, school, or any other activity or event that is not in your brain's best interest.

Well, instead of coming up with or hunting for celebrity New Year's resolutions, let's take a vote on which celebrity, or celebrities, we hope decide to use 2011 as a mental health year, shall we?

After all, it might only take a day to recharge, but some of us need a little extra time to get our ducks in a row.

Cast your vote after the jump!

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The Top 6 Celebrity Mental Health Advocates Of 2010

On Monday, we voted on our favorite celebrity mental health moments of 2010.

Today, I thought we'd take a look at some of the top celebrity mental health advocates of 2010.

Different from moments, these advocates are celebrities who've - for one reason or another - devoted their time, effort, money, and/or passion to:

Help people better understand mental illness and other mental health issues.
Help bust the stigma that surrounds mental illness.
Help move mental health research forward.
Help people.

As much as I would've liked to present these celebrity mental health advocates in some sort of order, as I was compiling the list I realized there's no way I can do that. Each one of them has dedicated an important part of his or her time to mental health advocacy, and you can't "rank" that.

After the jump, find my pick for the top six celebrity mental health advocates of 2010 in no particular order.

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UPDATE: Ron Artest NBA Championship Ring Auction Ends

As if the title didn't give it away, the auction for Ron Artest's NBA championship ring ended this past weekend.

According to Yahoo! Sports and the Associated Press, the ring went to Raymond Mikkael of Hawthorne, California, and although the exact amount wasn't known at the time of the update, the ring is said to have brought in over $500,000.

Artest announced the winner this weekend at a club located near the Staples Center, and...
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POLL: Your Favorite Celebrity Mental Health Moment Of 2010

Just a few more days, folks, and 2010 will be officially behind us.

Many people relish this time because, to them, the start of a new year represents a new beginning. Another chance to do what they didn't get around to doing the previous year, or accomplish goals they put off or didn't quite reach the year before.

Before we break out the champagne and confetti, though, we should pause and look back at all the good that was accomplished in 2010.

For the purposes of this blog, specifically, all the mental health "good" we saw from celebrities.

After the jump, vote for your favorite celebrity mental health moment of 2010!

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Top 10 Celebrity Psychings Posts Of 2010

It's Christmas Eve, which means I'm not really here.


But, because some of you are, it's only fair I give you some good stuff to ponder over the holiday break.

After the jump are the top 10 Celebrity Psychings posts of 2010, according to Google Analytics.

Some of them are definitely worth passing along again, some of them aren't even from this year, and some of them... Well, I can't figure out why some of them were so popular, haha :)

Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!

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15 Celebrity Quotes For Love, Laughter, And Life

The late historian and journalist Hendrik Willem van Loon once said, "Somewhere in the world there is an epigram for every dilemma."

I think that's why I love quotes so much. It might take a little digging, but you can almost always find a quote for every situation - the good, the bad, and the somewhere in between.

So, as we get closer and closer to 2011, I thought it might be fun to look at a few thought-provoking or inspirational quotes from some of our favorite celebrities.

After all, no matter what kind of year 2010 was, and no matter how we expect 2011 to go, each of us could use a line or two to make us pause, reflect, and plan - whether they're quotes on love, quotes about friendship, funny quotes, or quotes about life in general

After the jump, and in no particular order, check out 15 celebrity quotes that might inspire you for 2011.

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6 Quick Steps: Using Music To Manage Holiday Stress

Christmas Eve is just four-and-a-half days away, and if you celebrate the holidays, chances are your stress levels are inching up toward maximum capacity with each minute that passes.

Does everyone have a present? Should I start baking on Wednesday or Thursday this year? Should I make an extra dessert, in case Aunt Marge brings that horrible fruit cake again? Hmm...does the tree look a little bare on the left? Do I have clean sheets for the sofa bed?

WHEN is Amazon finally gonna deliver those last-minute gifts?!

There's lots of information around the Internet about the power of music for stress management (even here at Psych Central, back in 2009 I provided a brief write up about music therapy, and earlier Jane Collingwood wrote a much more in-depth explanation of using music to reduce stress), but who has time for that?

There're only four-and-a-half days until Christmas Eve.

After the jump, you'll find six quick steps you can take to use music for stress relief during this often hectic time of the year.

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Amy Adams: “In My 20s, Boy, I Was A Hot Mess”

Amy Adams (also known to my mother as, "That cute redhead, you know, the princess. The one in the movie with Patty. I just love her. She's so cute." "Patty" being Patrick Dempsey, my mom's TV boyfriend, and the movie being Enchanted) has a new interview coming out with Marie Claire, during which she talks about how she's not so much of a cute princess in real life.

How she's, you know - normal.

The interview will be featured in Marie Claire's January 2011 issue, on newsstands December 21, but the mag's site has a pretty sizable excerpt up right now.

My favorite bit?
Anyway, there's something great about the world thinking I'm so innocent. Only it's not true. In my 20s, boy, I was a hot mess."
Ah, weren't we all, Amy?

Well, I should clarify: Weren't a lot of us.

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POLL: How Much Money Would You Donate To Mental Health Charities?

On Monday, I told you all about Ron Artest's announcement to donate all or some of his 2011-12 NBA salary to mental health awareness charities.

(He'll let us know the amount on July 1.)

I read various reader reactions on Twitter and Facebook, and even talked with a few of my in-person friends about the NBA champ's gesture, all of which were favorable and led me to post the question:

If you could afford it, how many of you would donate all, or a large chunk, of your yearly salary to charity?

For this post and the following poll, I've decided to tweak the question a bit, to fit more specifically with mental health charities (and with those of us who don't make million-dollar-a-year salaries).
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Ron Artest To Donate NBA Salary To Mental Health Charities

There's really only one word that comes to mind after reading about Los Angeles Lakers forward Ron Artest's latest venture in the world of mental health advocacy.


Artest is no stranger to mental health advocacy. In case you need a little back story, back in June 2010 Artest gained some publicity for publicly thanking his therapist during an impromptu interview after the Lakers won the 2010 NBA Championship.

Later, Artest (along with Rep. Grace F. Napolitano, the co-chair of the Congressional Mental Health Caucus and author of the Mental Health in Schools Act) spoke at a Los Angeles middle school to help push for the passage of legislation and to encourage students to reach out for help if they need to.

Then, in September 2010, the NBA champ announced he was
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