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You Can Get Yours, Too: Lessons From Katy Perry

During a homecoming performance at her old high school a couple of weeks ago, Katy Perry had - and took - the opportunity to do what many teens fantasize about being able to do some day: Mock an old crush who never gave her a chance back in school. Of course, Perry got to do this while standing in front of a crowd of adoring fans, but hey - that's just a cherry on top. The Grammy-nominated singer spotted ex-crush Shane Lopes in the crowd and, as an impromptu intro to her song "One Of The Boys," proceeded to rehash all the miseries his lack of interest brought her in high school, gloat about all the perks being a famous singer brings her now, and wrap it all up with a flash of her engagement ring from Russell Brand and a smooth, That's cool, I got mine.
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Extra Jail Time Could Be Just What Lindsay Lohan Needs

Celebrity mug shots are getting better and better these days, aren't they? It's almost as if they're prepared for them. As a result of her failed drug test last week, Lindsay Lohan was sent to jail last Friday; however, according to L.A. Now, Superior Court Judge Elden Fox was overruled when it came to keep his "pull this crap again and it's 30 days in the slammer for you, missy" promise when Lohan's attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, "challenged the legality of holding her client without bail based on a probation violation for a misdemeanor." Long story short: Another judge entered the scene, Lohan was given a $300,000 bail, someone paid it, Lohan was free by Friday night, for some reason she made an appearance at a homeless shelter yesterday evening, and now the word is she'll be back in rehab some time this week. Now, I know some of you are sick to death of seeing Lindsay Lohan's name in the news - especially anything to do with her probation, violations, jail time, and rehab - so let me justify why I'm writing about her yet again.
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Celebrity Tweets Help Raise Money For Charity

If you haven't done so already, you have from now until Saturday, September 25 to bid on a chance to have one of your favorite celebrities follow you, mention you, or give you a retweet on Twitter. That might seem like the dumbest thing ever (unless you have mountains of cash lying around and can't think of any other way to spend it but to pay for Justin Bieber to follow you on Twitter for 90 days), but the money actually goes to a good cause. TwitChange, "The First Ever Celebrity Tweet Auction" which hopes to "Change the World, One Tweet at a Time," is the launching pad for the eBay-hosted auction that allows you to bid on Twitter retweets, shout-outs, and 90-day follows from your favorite celebrities. Longer if you're deemed cool enough.
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‘Dancing With The Stars’ Could Be Therapeutic For Jennifer Grey

She's declined an invitation to the show in the past, but everyone's favorite "Baby," a.k.a actress Jennifer Grey, decided 2010 would be the year she participates on ABC's Dancing with the Stars. The thus far seriously successful 11th season of DWTS kicked off Monday night and apparently the years since she starred opposite Patrick Swayze in 1987's Dirty Dancing have been kind to her: CBS called her performance "polished" and the actress and her partner, two-time DWTS champion Derek Hough, racked up 24 of the 30 possible points that night. Awesome though she is, could Grey's appearance on DWTS this season have something to do with the anniversary of said Dirty Dancing co-star Patrick Swayze's death? Could this be a sort of coping mechanism? Or way of closure? Or, a way to pay homage to her very first dance partner? Maybe.
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Lindsay Lohan’s Failed Drug Test Raises Rehab Questions

According to, Lindsay Lohan - who was recently released (seriously early, mind you) from court-ordered rehab - admitted this past weekend to failing a drug test. Sure, she still attended her AA meeting, but, she's already failing drugs tests. I am no stranger to the addiction game. Fortunately, I've never dealt firsthand with alcoholism or drug addiction, but have friends and loved ones who have, so I'm not shocked that Lindsay failed a drug test this soon after being released from rehab. The reasons for my not being shocked? Well, first of all, the addiction and recovery-related adage "One day at a time" comes to mind. Many people who deal with addiction don't adopt the attitude that once they leave rehab they're "cured" and will never use drugs again. They know it's a lifelong process, relapse is a very real possibility, and they can only take care of one day at a time. Second of all, she was only in rehab for 23 days of the 90 days Judge Elden Fox initially sentenced her to - enough time to clean out, but...not really enough time to learn anything substantial about herself and her addition and adopt any kind of cognitive and lifestyle changes to help her recover, is it?
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Elin Nordegren Contemplates Opening A Mental Health Clinic

Looks like one of the raunchiest, and possibly one of the most shocking, celebrity marriage scandals of 2009 might have a happy ending, after all. According to The New York Post and various other sources, Tiger Woods' ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, might use some of the gabazilltrillion dollars she received in the couple's divorce settlement to open a mental health clinic in Florida - which, by the way, is where she's currently attending Rollins College to receive a degree in mental health counseling. The former Swedish model's twin sister, London-based attorney Josefin Nordegren, says she and Elin have been discussing ways in which Elin can use some of the money for good: Elin has a lot of ideas, including setting up her own clinic to help poorer children suffering from mental illnesses such as depression, eating disorders and hypertension, which can result from living in a broken family. Unsurprisingly, many of the comments over at the Post post show a certain degree of skepticism
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Ron Artest To Auction NBA Championship Ring For Mental Health

Remember Ron Artest? The Los Angeles Lakers player who, after his team won the 2010 NBA Championship, publicly thanked his psychologist - the woman who "really helped [him] relax a lot"? Well, it seems Artest is taking his new-found appreciation for mental health professionals a step further. According to, not only did the small forward appear with Rep. Grace F. Napolitano, the co-chair of the Congressional Mental Health Caucus and author of the Mental Health in Schools Act, at a Los Angeles middle school a couple of Thursdays ago to "to call for passage of federal legislation and encourage students to reach out to a health-care worker if they need," but he's also "planning to sell the championship ring as a fundraiser to put more psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists in schools." You work so hard to get a ring, and now you have a chance to help more people than just yourself, instead of just satisfying yourself. What's better than that? For me, this is very important. Of course, it (especially publicly thanking his psychologist) wasn't something he entered into lightly. Mental health still carries quite a stigma, and so it's not surprising Artest hesitated beforehand.
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Stay Too Busy With What Matters: Lessons From Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson appears on the cover of the October issue of British Elle (which hit stands September 1) and although the magazine's website tempts fans with a few tiny crumbs of the interview's main dish, The Huffington Post features several more morsels. Most notably, Hudson's attitude toward one of the downsides of being a celebrity: Do I mind having my appearance constantly scrutinized? I don't have enough time on this planet to worry about things like that. I'm more concerned with if I'm raising my son properly, with what makes my family happy, with what makes me happy. It's difficult enough for those of us who aren't famous to embrace that way of thinking; I imagine it took plenty of time for Kate - who's constantly in the public's eye - to embrace it, too.
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Steven Slater To Undergo Mental Health Evaluation

Despite acting as the muse for such earwormy little ditties like Jimmy Fallon's "The Ballad of Steven Slater" and being invited to the Emmy Awards, this summer's biggest celebrity who's not a celebrity, Steven Slater, still had his day in court this past Tuesday. Sort of. The former Jet Blue (and by former, I mean, he was still employed with the company up until last week?!) employee appeared on charges of trespassing, reckless endangerment, and criminal mischief, but ultimately the case was adjourned until next month, giving Slater enough time to be evaluated for participation in an alternative sentencing program that would address mental health issues such as anger management and alcohol abuse. Get it? Because he grabbed two beers and jumped. Sorry - couldn't resist.
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