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Cut Yourself Some Slack: Lessons From Jewel

For some reason, I get free copies of the fitness magazine, Shape. I don't know why - I signed up for a special offer or something and was rewarded with, I don't know, six months worth of free copies - but, over a year later, I'm still getting them...each copy warning me that the next one will be the last unless I subscribe.

It's not that I'm complaining. I like the magazine, and hey, they're free. Who doesn't like free, especially in these economic times*?

Anyway, July's edition showed up in the mail last week, and I was semi-surprised to see Jewel on the cover. Shape is always featuring a female celebrity who shares a story or two about her trials and errors with weight and fitness, as well as tips and tricks she uses to stay in shape. I don't know why I was semi-surprised to see Jewel; she just doesn't strike me as the fitnessy type.

Then again, I guess that's the point.

So, I flipped to page 42 and started reading "Jewel's Rules..." (cute) by writer Claire Connors, and it wasn't long before I spotted this week's lesson.

Jewel's first rule (there are five) is that she cuts herself some slack.

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Ryan Bingham: Sadness, Happiness, and Songwriting as Therapy

By now, many of you might know Ryan Bingham as the singer/songwriter behind "The Weary Kind," the Golden Globe- and Oscar-winning song for the movie "Crazy Heart."

Until then, though, I only knew him as a raspy-voiced, gritty soul who seemed to know all about hard living when he sang about being lost on back roads, wanting sunshine to chase old crows away, and being like a "lost bound train running on cocaine and outta control" (lyrics not so different, in theme, from those in "The Weary Kind"). A good friend introduced me to his music back in December, and I immediately fell in love.

Bingham's "Sunshine" became (and remains) my ringtone and I can't remember the last drive I took without popping a Bingham mix in my CD player.

Not long after winning the Oscar, once he was backstage, Bingham mused on how happily married he is and whether, due to that, he'd be able to keep up the theme of hard times in his music:
Being married to her, I'm happier than I've ever been in my life [...] Some of that stuff you had in your life is always there...[but] it's tough to write a sad song when you're around such a beautiful woman.
The next time I saw my friend, we had a brief Bingham-related conversation that went a little something like this...

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John Travolta On Psychiatric Medicine: No, Thanks

It's one thing for a celebrity to advocate for mental health awareness and education; it's quite another for a celebrity to advocate for the use, or nonuse, of certain mental health treatments, which is what some folks in the mental health world feel actor John Travolta did when he told CNN that his way of thinking about psychiatry and psychiatric medicines lines up with the stances taken by Tom Cruise and Travolta's religion, Scientology.

In other words, psychiatry and medicine are no good.

Folks involved in the mental health world might be quick to lash out at Travolta for having this opinion. Fighting the Darkness, a member blog, points out that these celebrities are speaking out about "treating an illness they have never experienced and have no real education about."

This is a slippery turf, though, I think.

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Is California's DUI Program in Actor Chris Klein’s Future?

I'm not usually all that big on actually talking trash about celebrities on this blog (and really, I'm going to try to avoid doing just that with this post), because that's definitely not the point of Celebrity Psychings. However, when I read that American Pie actor Chris Klein was arrested for DUI early this morning I couldn't help but be a little ticked off.

Granted, people who drive under the influence tick me off anyway, but what really exacerbated my ticked-offness with Klein is the fact that this is his second DUI arrest since 2005.

Klein's arrest is actually kind of timely, given the brief discussion (over in the comments section of Monday's post) about how wealth and fame seem to, um...encourage? help? lure? the rich and famous to act in ways that totally disregard everyone else.

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New Research Sheds Light On Sex Addiction

Sex addiction in celebrity news isn't a new thing.

For example, you probably remember David Duchovny's struggle with sex addiction, but did you know Michael Douglas is supposedly a self-proclaimed recovering sex addict as well?

Yet, big names like Tiger Woods and Jesse James have made talk about sex addiction (or the possibility of sex addiction, or, even "Can't Keep It In Your Pants-itis," a name many skeptics probably feel is more appropriate for most celebrity and non-celebrity cases) pretty prevalent over the past year.

And now, thanks to a team of Canadian researchers, all that talk isn't just gossip or speculation.
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Taking The High Road: Lessons From Sandra Bullock

If you'd expect anyone who'd been humiliated, hurt, and overall screwed over to set out to ruin (or, at the very least, do some good ol' fashioned trash talking about) the person who did the humiliating, hurting, and overall screwing over, right now that "anyone" would probably be Sandra Bullock.

Shoot, you might even cheer her on.

However, after learning about her soon-to-be ex-husband's infidelities, Bullock has remained mostly mum on issues surrounding her marriage and has offered (to my knowledge) just one interview about her newly adopted son Louis.

Yes, the talented, award-winning actress has remained just as calm and composed as ever (during her few public appearances, that is), but after last night's MTV Movie Awards, it became clear that such composure isn't all that easy.

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Bret Michaels Shares His Recovery Playlist With Rolling Stone

If you didn't already know, his performance during last week's American Idol finale surely wouldn't have offered a clue about the serious health problems Poison frontman Bret Michaels has battled over the past month.

And by "serious health problems," I mean subarachnoid hemorrhage in his brain stem.

Fortunately, Michaels is on the mend, and spent last week both winning the latest season of Celebrity Apprentice (which means $250,000 for his charity, American Diabetes Association's Bret Michaels Fund) and collaborating with 2010 Idol contestant Casey James to give us what I thought was an awesome performance of "Every Rose Has Its Thorn."

Rolling Stone recently
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