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Bid On Lunch With A Celeb, Help A Mental Health Charity

Hey South Africans: If you've got some extra cash lying around, and are in the mood to both have lunch with a celebrity and help a mental health charity (I know those are generally two goals of mine when I wake up each morning), head over to bidorbuy at some point before the end of the day June 30, 2009 for the chance to do both.

From :

The online auction site, a South African version of eBay, will be running the auction over...
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Jon & Kate: Divorce? Really? Is That The Best You Can Do?

So, Jon and Kate Gosselin's Big Announcement? They're getting divorced. Well, actually, during the clip titled "The Announcement," both Jon and Kate announce (separately) that the couple is separating, but CNN reported (and backed up with a TLC-released statement from Kate) that Kate filed for divorce from Jon on June 22. Potayto, potahto - the point is, the couple has finally entered Splitsville, USA, Population: 50% of all American marriages (or some such high statistic), and I'm willing to bet most Americans aren't too surprised. Me? I was a little surprised. I haven't watched Jon & Kate Plus 8 since those sextuplets were in cribs; I'm not invested and I didn't watch "The Announcement." Still, I was hoping I'd turn on the ol' computer yesterday and find out "The Announcement" went a little more like so: "Dear TLC and America: We've been married for ten years, we have eight beautiful children together, and our marriage is falling apart. So, while we thank you for all the opportunities reality television has provided, we'd also thank you to kindly get the hell out of our house now."
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Have You TweetPsyched Yourself Today?

A few days ago, one of my Tweeps (that's Twitter talk for "friends" - I'm so cool) told me about a new Twitter-related service called TweetPsych.

TweetPsych's developer, Dan Zarrella, markets the service as a tool for "psychological profiling" (but provides the usual "for entertainment purposes only" disclaimer) and upon first glance, it's kind of cool. You just type your Twitter name, click "Profile," and wait for TweetPsych to analyze your last...
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Charities & Organizations

Noise For The Needy Makes The Connection Between Creativity And Mental Illness

Yesterday I asked you to sound off on the often controversial topic of the connection between creativity and mental illness.

Whether or not there's a real connection between creativity and mental illness, Noise for the Needy (NFTN), "a Seattle-based non-profit organization that raises money for charitable causes through the production of live music shows", made one this past weekend by donating proceeds to its annual music festival to Traditional Resources, a mental health center in Seattle that focuses on:

Crisis/Hospital Diversion
Residential Treatment
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Time To Schedule Some Anger Management, Hugh Grant

Grant randomly kicked a paparazzo in the groin last night.

And you know, that intro just does not do the situation's level of bizarreness justice.

For the full effect, you really have to watch the video:

Hugh Moron - Grant Attacks in New York

See how bizarre that was? How random? Everyone's walking along, doing his or her own thing in a seemingly ninja-free zone, when - BOOM! Hugh Grant plants his foot in another man's groin.

I mean, what was the point? The...
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What Does The Score To Mental Illness Sound Like?

The 63rd Annual Tony Awards took place last Sunday night, and to my understanding the show was packed with excitement. Having walked away with 10 of the 15 awards it was nominated for, Billy Elliot was pretty much to the Tony Awards what Twilight was to the MTV Movie Awards; only, to my understanding, better (I love you Twilight, but Best Movie? Really? Against The Dark Knight? It makes no sense). Impressive! Bret Michaels broke his face after rocking out to "Nothin' But a Good Time" with the Rock of Ages cast (unsurprisingly, YouTube is ready to meet all your "I-Gotta-See-That" needs). Entertaining! Really, I'm glad he's okay and able to laugh about it. That could have been serious. And Next to Normal - presently one of the most talked about Broadway shows, if my Google Alerts are any indication - took home three of the 11 nominations it came in with: Alice Ripley won for Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musical, Tom Kitt and Michael Starobin won Best Orchestration, and Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey won Best Original Score Written for the Theatre. Interesting...
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Both Sides Of The Sudden Fame And Celebrity Coin

Susan Boyle was released just five days after voluntarily checking into the Priory Clinic in London for emotional exhaustion (or, anxiety, as her brother has stated). This is good news indeed, but after reading a few more articles about the situation, I'm now thinking about more behind-the-scenes issues that led to her problems. I'm sure numerous factors went into setting the stage for Boyle's emotional exhaustion; however, if I were to draw some sort of line graph illustrating those factors, know that "gaining sudden fame and success" would be at the beginning and "losing sudden fame and success" would be at the end. I didn't feel this way last week when we first learned of Boyle's troubles. I simply thought she'd pushed herself very hard, for a very long time, and - with the Britain's Got Talent competition ending - was finally feeling the negative impact of all that.
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Mental Health America: "Celebrating the Legacy: Forging the Future"

Next Thursday (June 11, 2009), Mental Health America will honor Senators Edward Kennedy and Pete Domenici as part of its Centennial Conference and Gala, "Celebrating the Legacy: Forging the Future," to celebrate its 100th anniversary working toward mental health education and advocacy.

Special guest speakers that night include:

Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter and former Second Lady Tipper Gore, both of whom have been very vocal in promoting mental health awareness and eradicating stigma.
The late Senator Paul Wellstone's son David Wellstone, who...
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