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Mental Illness

The Reality of Depression: It Exists

For most of us, we've had a few rainy days that felt endless. But for the remainder of society, rainy days happen all the time. A lot of people tend to believe that depression is a fleeting emotion and something that cannot destroy the natural flow of one's life. Sadly, some families tend to make depression taboo and refuse to acknowledge it or discuss it. The use of medication further stigmatizes families and causes barriers for open discussion. For fear of appearing "helpless" or "needy,"  some people suffer in silence all alone until one day their illness becomes so apparent that it's almost impossible to hide.
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How To Spot A Bad Therapist: 10 Major Signs

Dr Viktor Frankl, Logotherapist and author of Man's Search For Meaning, coined the term "iatrogenic neurosis" to describe an illness "caused" by or made worse by a provider of healthcare. It's hard to imagine that a healthcare provider, specifically a mental health professional, can make an illness worse. How is it possible for a professional to create more problems for a client seeking help?
If I were to quiz you on the 10 worst signs of a bad therapist would you know what they are? What did you like about them or dislike? It's often difficult for people to decipher a good therapist from a bad therapist until something unethical happens. 
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When Your Loved One Needs To Be Hospitalized

Have you ever had to face the fact that perhaps your loved one or close friend needed to be hospitalized? Was their illness so bad and jeopardizing his or her safety that you considered discussing the need to have the person "sign themselves in?" If so, join the millions of other individuals and families who have had to face this very difficult and emotionally draining situation.
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