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Summer Vacation! Archive: 5 Tips to Keep Cyberbullying Out of Your Home

Hello All!

"Beating the Bully" will be taking a summer vacation and will be back blogging on August 13th! Until then I'll have some of the most read posts up for your enjoyment.

Now for my first "From the Archive" post, here is:
5 Tips to Keep Cyberbullying Out of Your Home 

If there is one hot button topic among parents and students, it's cyberbullying - what is it exactly, how to stop it (is it even stoppable?), and why young people do it. STOP Cyberbullying is a great online resource for anyone who is concerned about this topic. STOP Cyberbullying states:
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Facebook Stepping Up Against Cyberbullying

Yes, Facebook, yes! Facebook introduced a new feature that lets users report that"this post is a problem." The new feature is geared towards young adolescents and the seemingly never-ending problem of digital drama.

The feature works like this: if a user sees a post that is upsetting they can click "This post is a problem." From there the user is asked several questions and based on their answers, Facebook offers several different modes of intervention.
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