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It Takes a Village to Battle a Bully

Whitney Kropp, a sophomore at Ogemaw Heights High School in Michigan, was recently voted in as part of the homecoming dance court. For many teen-aged girls, this is an exciting way to start the new school year. For Whitney though, her election on the court was part of a cruel prank a la many a teen movie.

This prank is only one example of the bullying Whitney has encountered; she's been ridiculed both in school and online as well.  As a result, once-silent bystanders, both local and afar, have come to her side in a show of support.
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Say, “Ohm….” Yoga as a Means to Prevent Bullying

As a yoga practitioner for 10 years I was delighted to read this post about yoga as a prevention tool against student violence. Rob Schware interviewed Dee Marie, who founded, Calming Kids (CK): Creating a Non-Violent World. CK has run pilot groups to prove that yoga indeed can help young people!

A tenant of yoga that I learned early on in my practice was compassion - compassion for myself, for my fellow yogis in class and for my fellow man. Compassion - at least for me in yoga - comes in the form of understanding that if I cannot get into a certain position (asana) that's ok, this is where I am today. A lack of compassion can look like forcing yourself into a pretzel-like position to only hurt yourself, or looking at another yogi critically in class wondering, "Why can she do it but I can't!" I've found that without compassion in life or in yoga, the ability to accept where you are and who you are in this moment is difficult.

So how does this help our kids and bullying?

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Back to School and Back to Bullies? Not This Year!

The weeks following Labor Day bring the start of a new school year. For some students, there is a palpable excitement to return back to school, to see friends and swap summer vacation stories and meeting new teachers. For others though, the there is a fearful hope that maybe this year is the year things will be different.  Since bullying is in the forefront of public consciousness, let's work to make our schools safe for all students, teachers and staff; as we've seen over the summer adults can be bullied too.

What can we do to help everyone in our school communities start off on the right foot? Here are some tips for students, parents, teachers and staff:

For Students:

There is a saying plastered all over the New York City subway system, if you see something, say something. The same is true about bullying in schools! If you see a fellow student being targeted, ask if he/she is ok afterward, encourage the target to talk to an adult, or step in stand up for the target (I know much easier said than done!) If you can let the targeted student they are not alone, it'll help them feel less scared and perhaps will be able to feel empowered to advocate for himself/herself.
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