Keeping Your Marriage Strong

Sometimes a marriage starts out strong, and then flaws begin to materialize. This is completely normal. But like many things, if left unaddressed, marital imperfections can start to wreak havoc on your lives.

So here are some ideas for proper care and maintenance of your marriage.

Think of it like this: the 5,000-mile checkup; 10,000 mile checkup; and so on. You do it for your car. Your marriage is way more valuable than your automobile.

Here goes!
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When the Holidays Remind You: I Don’t Have the Family I Want

For many, the holidays are hard because of all those images of happy families. The rest of the year, maybe you're able to just bury yourself in your own life and pursuits. Often, you're able to forget that other have what you want. But at the holidays,  the truth can be stark, and painful.

Maybe it's that you've had to cut your family off because they're toxic; maybe they're still in your life but they're critical, cruel, or neglectful; maybe you feel you can never do right by them, and this is the one time of year you see them face to face and have to be reminded.

So how to cope with the holiday season that's nearly upon us? Here are some thoughts.
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How to Stop Spoiling Your Kids

You love your kids; you mean to do the best for them. But you find yourself indulging them far too often. It's a terrible term--the idea that you'll "spoil" this cherished little human of yours--but the reality is, overindulged children aren't well-prepared for life.

So if you want to produce a kid who's hard-working, grateful, and gracious, where do you start (and what do you stop)?

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Suicide: The Wrong Cure for a Broken Heart

In the past week, like many others, I saw that Jim Carrey's former girlfriend killed herself after their break-up. Unlike many others, I sat across from a teenager thinking of suicide after his girlfriend had broken up with him, and he told me that one of his friends had just hung himself after being rejected by "the girl of his dreams."

Killing yourself may seem like an appealing way to end your pain, and possibly even pass it along to the person who hurt you. But before you get too far down that road, read this.
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End that Toxic Envy

You might not even think you're an envious person, but it can be more insidious than you think. It's when you compare yourself unfavorably to other people--your friends, your Facebook "friends", celebrities and other media personalities. It's when you assume that other people have what would make you happy. It's when you decide that they're greater, and you're less than.

How can you start to value yourself more fully? Do you really know what makes you happy, or is all the envy misplaced? Here are some questions to ask yourself so you can stop looking to others and instead, figure out what you really love in your own life (and might already have.)
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