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Gratitude, with Attitude

It's been proven that expressions of daily gratitude increase happiness, but for many people, the idea just feels too hokey. Or maybe you've tried and found it oddly difficult to answer the question: What are you grateful for? Maybe life is a struggle right now, and that just feels like the wrong question. Here are some ways to frame the gratitude question with a different edge.
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Dialectical Behavior Therapy

How to Handle Overwhelming Emotions

I was just reliving my younger years as I worked on the Teen Angst playlist for Spotify, as inspired by my novel "Don't Try to Find Me."  Adolescence, for many, involves overwhelming emotion, in part because so many of the emotions feel new as well as intense.  What's the best way to understand and cope with all these emergent feelings? In some ways, that's the key developmental task of adolescence. But for some people, the struggle continues on into adulthood.  They might hear themselves called "oversensitive"'; they might often feel misunderstood or invalidated as a result.  This can lead to a difficult spiral that actually intensifies emotions that already feel like too much to handle. So where to start?
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When Family Time Goes Wrong

I realized after I wrote the title that it sounds like one of those Fox specials ("When Animals Attack!").  But I'm sticking with it because sometimes family time can feel just that scary. Okay, maybe not that scary.  But I know for myself that sometimes I feel a little anxious before embarking on a family excursion, especially one with more ambition (you drive farther, you pay higher admission prices, you up the ante because today is going to be SO MUCH FUN!) And then it's not.  But maybe it can be salvaged.  Here are some thoughts on how.
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