Avoiding Holiday Meltdowns

Mostly, I'm talking about your kids, but I mean you, too. The two are often interrelated: Everyone's stressed to the max with the impending joy, and your kids start coming unglued, and soon, you are, too. Holiday fun, indeed. So here are some tips for how to break out of that cycle this holiday season.
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Relationship Distress 101: Is it Them, or is it Me?

Sometimes when you're struggling in your relationship, you might jump to conclusions. That means you might assume that it's all you, or you might go straight to blaming your partner entirely. Pain can make us short-sighted, and it's hard to take in the whole picture. But creating meaningful change starts by taking stock of what's really happening. So here are some questions to help you hold yourself and your partner accountable in a way that can lead to an improvement in your relationship.
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New Mothers: How to Quit Doing, and Just Be

I know, it sounds like crazy advice. You've got a new baby at home. THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO! AND IT JUST KEEPS COMING! HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY JUST "BE"? I recently wrote an essay about my three months of maternity leave, and how I wish I had a re-do. New moms, I don't want you to feel the same. So I'm going to pass along a few thoughts for your consideration. Then you can go back to doing (or not doing.) Deal?
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Something We Can All Agree On

None of us know what's ahead. The country feels unsettled. Regardless of how you voted, or if you didn't vote at all, we're all in this together. We're all facing a degree of uncertainty about the future. This is not a political blog; it's a mental health blog. These are anxiety-provoking times, and there are no easy answers. But here's my best prescription, and it is a simple one.
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